Lone Wolf Assault II Review

The Lone Wolf Assault II Hang On Tree Stand is a comfortable and light tree stand which can prove efficient for most hunters. If you need to reduce the weight of your stand and need a comfortable seat this might be the best choice for you. With just 11 pounds, the stand represents one of the best options for those looking to limit the weight carried around on hunting experiences. The good news is that the stand is easy to mount as it comes with a 6-point Fall Arrest System. This makes the stand safer and easier to mount than some other alternatives.


  • Lightweight design with just 11 pounds
  • 6-point Fall Arrest System
  • Cast Bow Holder
  • 350 pound weight capacity


  • E-Z hang hook accessory not included


The hang on tree stand is one of the top choices if you value a lightweight design. This is why at just 11 pounds you will be struggling to find a light stand which still has a good weight capacity. With a maximum weight capacity of 350lbs, the stand represents one of the best options for most users. The cast aluminum construction is what makes this possible. This material is the one responsible for the weight reduction of the stand and is thus a real alternative to iron.

The tree stand can thus be fitted on most trees, as long as their diameter does not go over 22”. Some people may even wonder if such a versatile and small stand can be a good place for accessories. The good news is that the stand accepts the E-Z Hang hook accessory but you will need to purchase it separately. The stand also comes with a bow holder which can accommodate most parallel limb bows. This is why it can be considered a good alternative for bow hunting. The great part is that with a light bow and a light stand you can basically improve your comfort and the overall experience since you won`t have to carry impressive weights and can, instead, focus on the hunting.

The Lone Wolf Assault II also comes with backpack straps which are basically all you need to get going. It can be said that the stand represents the fast option for the hunter who doesn`t like lengthy preparation processes with complicated accessories and increased weight.

The Lone Wolf Assault II Hang On Tree Stand represents one of the best options for a lightweight design. With just 11 pounds you will be able to carry the stand for longer and it can thus be a great option if you have to leave your car further from the hunting location. It can represent a good choice as you can use the back straps to make the most of the stand even in terms of carrying comfort. The padded seat will be a great addition in the middle of nature. The foam seat will offer you a comfortable sitting space which is hard to find in the wilderness. With the 6-point Fall Arrest System you will be well on the way to a light and pleasant hunting experience.


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