Lone Wolf Hand Climber Combo II Review

The Lone Wolf Hand Climber Combo II climbing tree stand comes to improve the first series hybrid platform and can be considered as an attractive option for those who value a lightweight design. This is why using the hybrid tree stand can be one of the best alternatives to maximize independence while out hunting. What other options do you have which is below the 20 pound mark? There are not many other options to choose from and this is why the hybrid stand can be considered as one of the interesting options for hunters who need maximum versatility in a minimalistic design.


  • 350 pound weight capacity
  • 5 pounds stand weight
  • Countered foam pad seat
  • Traction belts design


  • May not worth the upgrade from the first series


The tree stand comes with a hybrid design which has been a staple of Lone Wolf. Since the manufacturer also offers some alternatives, the Climber I and Climber II represent the lightweight options for users who truly value a versatile design. This design allows you to comfortably sit at ground level but it also allows you to use it to climb a tree and improve your visibility over larger areas.

The only conditions are to find a thinner tree. What makes an ideal tree for the stand? It would be a tree with a diameter between 6” and 19”. This is where the stand is considered to be safe. At the same time, a thicker tree means you don`t have full control of the experience and this is why the design is limited to some thinner options.

The stand itself comes with some of the popular features from the manufacturer. It uses the cast aluminum construction which has proven to be a great material for many light stands. While it maintains the overall weight of the stand at a comfortable level with its 17.5 pounds weight it also offers good support for up to 350n pounds.

This means the climbing tree stand can be considered a versatile option regardless of your weight. You can even take it with you for longer journeys outdoors and you can use it for multiple purposes. For example, since you will enjoy improved visibility from a higher perspective you can also use the stand for landscape photography, not only for hunting purposes. This is where you can truly start to appreciate what the stand can do for the future of the industry and how its versatility can impact a vast area of use.

The Lone Wolf Hand Climber Combo II is one of the most versatile options for outdoors. It comes with a comfortable seat which can even be used for hours at a time since the stand comes with good stability and weights support. It will work for users who value the lightweight design with the ease of use of such a stand which is split into an upper and a lower section. With included backpack straps you will also be able to carry the stand with ease for longer.


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