Lowa Hunter GTX EVO Hunting Boots Review

The Lowa Hunter GTX EVO Boots come with the distinct nubuck leather upper. They manage to offer a comfortable experience which is also anatomic experience. This is due to the anatomically contoured tongue which is perfect for an improved it which will not cause any discomfort. Even more, the boots’ distinct look recommends them for heavy use in any type of leather since they are made with a waterproof design.


  • Waterproof design
  • Primaloft insulation
  • Anatomically contoured tongue
  • Balanced footbed


  • May require extra maintenance

The boots are made for good comfort and this can be best seen when it comes to the cushioning and the fit. With a thick midsole, the mange to offer the right support for most users and they will also come with perforations in this supportive design which ensures good breathability. Furthermore, the boots represent a great solution when it comes to good anatomic choices. This can be seen in the contoured tongue which is easy on your feet without too much pressure. Furthermore, they prove to be a great solution when it comes to an improved fit for the entire day since it will come with a reduced pressure in the upper midfoot.

The waterproof construction of the boots recommends them among the top options or any weather. Even with the nubuck leather, the boots prove to be a great solution for the ultimate protection while out in the wild. Even the Gore-Tex lining is made to keep water out and this makes the boots a valid option when it comes to added protection against the elements.


With a breathable midsole, the boots are a top recommendation when looking for an improved performance. The nubuck leather design might prove to be more prone to dirt and scratches but at the same time, it comes with a distinct feel and look which cannot be matched by many of the synthetic alternatives. The boots thus represent a great starting solution when it comes to intense wear. Furthermore, they come with the breathable and waterproof design which is perfect for all types of situations.

Most importantly, the design features the anatomically correct tongue which can be a major addition, especially if you consider the right fit they come with. Since the tongue plays an important role in flexibility, it will also be true that most users will not feel a major difference, at least in the short term. But it is the long-term wear that will show the best results and this is where you will be able to focus better on your activities as the boots will allow you to relax.

It also shows that the balanced footbed design is one of the best additions when it comes to a modern design that provides good comfort. Since the boots are also me with leather, they represent a good solution for the purpose of looks and feel and this is why they represent a good option for fit as well.  You can see some great hunting boot options under $50 here.


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