The Maven B3 Binoculars comes as a recommended mid-range solution. The binocular has good optics and a compact design which recommend it among the top solutions of this segment. As one of the leaders it offers ED glass technology which proves to be an interesting solution when it comes to a modern binocular. With a wide angle roof prism, it also prove to be a good option for the best light, even with such compact lenses.


  • Wide angle roof prism
  • ED glass technology
  • 30mm lenses for extra light
  • Compact design


  • Needs pouch

The binocular is one of the interesting solutions when it comes to a modern and compact design. Since there are not many options to rival it, the binocular will come with some added features which have the potential to make it stand out. One of these added features comes with the 30mm lenses.  They will prove to be a good solution for extra light. While most users will not be able to tell the difference, the advanced users will see the difference, especially in low light situations.

With such good lenses, it will even come with the famous ED technologies. This will ensure it will manage to offer great results which are also realistic. The aim of the technology is to limit the overall limitations of chromatic aberration, especially with bright colored subjects on bright backgrounds. This it slowly becoming the norm, even in this mid-range section of binoculars and it represents a good direction for the industry as it will center the performance on what the user needs in terms of image quality.


The compact design of the binocular is one of its main strengths. It comes to prove a great performance and it manages to offer a good design which is easy to work with. Since it will not have the metal body construction, it will also prove to be a good solution when it comes to a modern design and even when it comes to durability. With a modern finish, it might even give you the impression it is a class above and this can certainly make it appealing to more users. Its aluminum accents will make it stand out in terms of visual identity and this can be important, especially when you consider that many of today’s alternatives lack real innovation.

The Maven B3 Binoculars proves to be a great compact solution with powerful results. With the wider angle roof prism, ED glass and 30mm lenses, the binocular can represent a top solution for most users on the market and a perfect backup for the high-end options as it will be easier to maneuver and it will also require less space.

With aluminum-look inserts, the binocular will look distinct and can provide a good responsiveness in low light situations. Even more, since it is also compact, it will prove to be a recommended solution for long days outdoors. But you will need to purchase a minimal pouch to offer some extra protection while traveling.


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