Millennium M150 Monster Hang On

The Millennium M150 Monster Hang On comes with a comfortable design. The large seat with a backrest is perfect for the long days out hunting. The foot platform is perfect for the added space and comfort which is hard to match in the series from Millennium. Practically, you have enough room to perform standing shots and this should be one of the main attraction points of the stand together with the improved comfort of the seat.


  • Improved comfort with a full seat
  • Large foot platform
  • Folding seat
  • 5lbs weight


  • Not the best for frequent location changes


The Millennium M150 Monster Hang On is one of the comfortable choices on the market. With one of the largest seats from the manufacturer, the stand works perfectly to deliver a pleasurable experience even when standing. If you value the space on the platform you`ll be glad to know you can extend it by flipping the seat. This is one of the best features of the stand as it allows you to safely continue hunting even from a standing position which might be tailored towards bow hunting.

The comfort of the stand is further enhanced by the design with a backrest which is not standard with Millennium. This is why the stand would benefit those hunters looking for maximum comfort from the manufacturer. The design works for the users who need a solution to use the whole day or just for longer hunting sessions and this is why it performs at the best level when the stand is used with the seat.

Because it has a large foot platform also, the stand can represent a good alternative for people who value mobility and need the space for both comfort and performance with bow hunting. Since the open design of the stand really recommends it for lighter weapons it can be a solution for traveling hunters also. This is based on the 19.5lbs weight as well. Besides comes with such a low weight the stand can handle users and equipment of up to 300lbs. This also puts it among the top options from Millennium in terms of versatility and weight support.

The Millennium M150 Monster Hang On represents one of the best options in terms of comfort. The tree stand is perfect for those long hunting sessions and the good news is that it can represent a lighter alternative with improved comfort which can be easily transported. Made to the industries` standards, the stand represents the perfect option for those who need a strong aluminum construction which has good support and even good comfort. It is not unusual to see this material choice with Millennium but the stand brings other benefits such as the improved leg space and even the comfortable seat which might make the difference in the end. The stand would also represent a good option for those users looking to upgrade from entry-level alternatives from Millennium as it comes with plenty of new features to be worth the investment.


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