Millennium M60 Ultralite Review

The Millennium M60 Ultralite comes with a minimalistic design which is perfect for traveling hunters. Although there are other lightweight designs available from the manufacturer, the M60 comes with a weight of just 13lbs which makes it one of top few choices in terms of weight management. It thus represents the solution for traveling hunters and can be considered among the recommended options for people with back problems who can only carry limited weights.


  • Reduced 13lbs weight
  • Aluminum construction
  • Folds flat
  • Folding seat


  • Limited comfort


The stand is perfect for those users concerned about the total weight of the hunting equipment. It comes with some of the most innovative designs which allow this lower 13lbs weight. The stand is made from aluminum which means it can already save weight. This is because aluminum is lighter than some other materials such as iron and can represent a good option even in terms of weight management. This is why you will find the stand comes with the standard 300lbs weight capacity from the manufacturer. And this goes to show that even a lighter stand can still perform at the highest level in terms of weight management.

Another innovative technology comes with the flat folding design. This is one of the features which are not discussed enough with climbers. As you only know you need it after you purchase a stand, you should know that it has the capacity to save space and improve on the mobility of the stand which can be transported with ease.

If you are planning to use the stand for whole days of hunting you should know that you can do this but it will not be the most comfortable choice. To make the experience more manageable, the stand offers a folding seat which can create more room on the foot platform and can allow you to switch positions from sitting to standing. As it will take some effort to maintain a comfort level beyond a few hours of use, this might represent one of the most interesting options and the only alternative against potential back problems.

The open design of the stand recommends it for bow use and it can also be a choice for other types of weapons if you prefer the added independence of the design. Without making the stand with a bulky design, you will be limited in terms of safety options as well. This is why you will need to use the included full body safety harness which will offer the minimal protection against accidents.

The Millennium M60 Ultralite is one of the stands which put a special emphasis on weight management. Without losing stability and the ability to manage considerable weight, the stand comes with a smart design which allows you to fold it completely flat. This way you`ll be able to save space in the car as well and you can use the opportunity to bring more hunting equipment with you.


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