millennium treestands l100 reviewMillennium Tree Stands L100 21 ft Review

The Millennium Tree Stands L100 21 ft offers a comfortable alternative for hunters looking for a simple and effective design. With a breathable chair, you will be happy to know you can sit for hours waiting for the perfect moment to shoot the animal. But the seat also folds back which means you can enjoy improved comfort with the best visibility at a maximum height of 21 feet. The height adjustment function can also lower the treestand to a minimum point of 8 feet which makes it a good alternative for those hunters which don`t like heights but still need decent visibility.

millennium tree stands l100 single ladder stand review


  • Versatile seat
  • Breathable materials
  • Adjustable height up to 21 feet
  • Padded shooting rail


  • Limited spaceMillennium L100 Single Ladder Stand Review


The Millenium Treestands L100 Single Ladder Stand comes with an adjustable height. This feature is perfect for those looking to maximize the versatility and can even represent a good option with different locations. You can even decide to move the treeestand to your preferred location as you can adjust the height to such an extent. Practically, you can go from 9 to 21 feet while enjoying the same comfort.

In terms of comfort, the stand comes with one of the simplest yet most effective chairs hunters can find. You will enjoy the breathable materials which will make life easier during the summer season. Even more, you can adjust the back-support of the seat meaning you can recline and wait for the animal in a more comfortable position. However, to maximize this feature you will need to be as silent as possible as you’ll also want to make the most out of the padded shooting rail. This padding offers a rare opportunity or for the hunter to minimize sounds. But it may also be the right feature if you`re looking to keep scratches and dents away from your gun.

Millennium Treestands L100 21 ft Single Ladder Stand Review

Millennium Tree Stands L100 ReviewIn terms of durability, you will receive a product which is made with famous technologies. These technologies mean that you can enjoy the product for years to come. In fact, the frame can even last more than a few years. This is why it is important to consider the design as a long-term investment as you’ll be less likely of changing it in the near future.

The Millennium Tree Stands L100 21 ft Single Ladder Stand comes with a high visibility point. At 21 feet, you will get one of the best stands which maximize visibility. Of course, the stand can also be lowered to a minimum position of 8 feet. With so much adjustability, you will be best served by the stand with several other locations to shoot from. Although it is not the lightest design, you might want to look for alternatives which can maximize your hunting efforts. Even if you don’t change the location of the stand, it is still a good addition which allows this possibility in the future. With a comfortable and breathable seat, you could be waiting in a reclined position for the best moment to shoot the animal.


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