millennium tree stands L110 reviewMillennium Tree Stands L110 21 ft Review

The Millennium Tree Stands L110 21 ft comes with a simple yet effective design. It allows you to fold the seat back, making for a better-suited shooting platform. The good news is that you can also shoot from a sitting position. For this purpose, the manufacturer has included a padded gun rest and arm rest rail which can prove useful if you want to improve comfort and minimize sounds that can scare your subject away.


  • Comfortable seat
  • Folding design
  • Padded gun rest

millennium tree stands l110 single ladder stand review


  • Heavy for some users

millennium l110 ladder stand reviewsOverall

The stand comes with an impressive construction which is specific to the manufacturer. It can handle weights of up to 300lbs making it a good option for people who want maximum support and the increased safety of the safe link safety line.

With a weight of 92lbs, the stand is not the heaviest but it is not light either. It provides enough strength to support the 300lbs but you might need some help to set it up if you`re lacking strength. The double rail design ensures that the stand will last for years to come. And even if the chair will not last as long due to the synthetic materials, you can still use the stand for a long period of time.

With a maximum height of 21 feet, the stand represents a good option if you need a complex viewing point that can cover the larger distances with ease. This means you will need to use the safety harness which is provided in the pack and which is mandatory with impressive heights. The durable design of the stand allows it to come with increased comfort with both the seat and the gun rest.

Millennium Tree Stands L110 21 ft Single Ladder Stand with Folding Seat Review

The seat can be folded for an improved shooting position and comes with breathable materials. Although padded with different materials, the gun rest is perfectly designed to minimize sounds. Thus, you will ensure the sounds don`t reach the animal and you can stay camouflaged until the end. If you sit or hours you may also want to avoid dents in your gun and this is why the padded design of the gun rail is a great addition.

In terms of comfort, you will also get a basic foot rest which might also work to improve your posture if you plan to sit for a long period of timeMillennium L110 Reviews.

The Millennium Tree Stands L110 21 ft is the perfect choice if you want a sturdy design with a foldable seat. It offers some basic features which make it stand out from the crown like the padded gun rest. But it can also offer the platform for optimum performance with its 21 feet height. With a weight capacity of 300lbs, there are plenty of reasons to consider this compact and sturdy design. Without being too opulent, it manages to provide everything you need if you’re looking for the highest visibility point. It will also work as a first stand as it is easy to use.


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