Millennium Tree Stands L200 ReviewMillennium Tree Stands L200 Double Ladder Stand Review

The Millennium Tree Stands L200 Double ladder is a lightweight choice for people hunting in pairs. If you want to hunt together with your mate, there is a limited selection of good stands which can support your hunting objectives. But with the L200 you may have the opportunity of getting not only a stand which works but a good comfort level as well. The comfort is ensured by the comfortMax technology which comes with breathable materials for the best experience, even on hot days.


  • 18 feet height
  • 500lbs weight capacity for both hunters
  • ComfortMax seats

Millennium Treestands L200 Review


  • Padding doesn’t cover the corners of the gun rest

Millennium Tree Stands L200 Double Ladder Stand ReviewOverall

The Millennium Treestands L200 Double Ladder Stand is one of the great lightweight alternatives for two hunters. If most similar stands only offer a good design, the L200 comes with a reduced weight of 90lbs which makes it perfect for easy setup.

The steel construction of the stand means that even if it is lightweight it can handle heavier users also. The combined weight the stand can handle can be as high as 500lbs.

If you’re looking for comfort, the stand can represent a good option or every season. Using the comfortMax technology, it comes with breathable seats which can last long and also provide good ventilation. The system works well with the padded shooting rail.

Although the rail doesn’t have padding on the corners, it still provides enough support to prevents scratches in your guns. It may also be a good solution if you don’t want to make any sounds which would scare the animal away. If you’re hunting in pairs, the sounds are already considerable, so having the padding can be considered as a good addition. You can also add that the rail can function as an arms rest. With additional padding, it can be a good option for a slight comfort improvement.

Millennium Tree Stands L200 Reviews

In terms of safety, you will have the opportunity of using the included strap for stability. Thus, you will have to use the strap to secure the stand to the tree which can be easily done. If you haven’t tried this before, you can practice on the ground first. This will ensure you will stay away from potential accidents and be readyMillenium Treestands L200 Double Ladder Stand Reviews¬†for hunting after a proper setup.

The Millennium Tree Stands L200 Double is an effective choice for pairs of hunters. It provides the much-needed support for all types of situations when you need to be at 18 feet above the ground. The height sits at the average values, making it the good choice for most users. And since you might be looking at hours of sitting around, you might benefit from the breathable seat which can allow for good ventilation during the summer months. With the extra padding in the gun rest which also acts as an arm rest, you will be well on your way of achieving you hunting goals. The durable stand offers all the support you will need for this, with a physical capacity of up to 500lbs.



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