Millennium Tree Stands L220 ReviewMillennium Tree Stands L220 Double Ladder Stand Review

The Millennium Tree Stands L220 Double Ladder Stand offers one of the simplest choices for pairs of hunters. If you`re looking to go hunting with your partner you might want to assess the possibility of using a treestand to get better visibility and increase camouflage. With good seating and a comfortable experience, you will be able to wait for your target for hours at a time. Since the stand comes with the latest technologies from the manufacturer, you will get an easy mounting system which can even be performed by a single person.


  • Padded gun rest
  • Adjustable shooting rail
  • Safety link line for stability
  • 500lbs capacity

Millennium Tree Stands L220 Reviews


  • Might not be roomy for all users

OverallMillennium Treestands L220 Double Ladder Stand Review

If you`re looking for a good double stand you are really left with limited options. You will need to find a design which can work and can be set up with ease. Then you will need to find comfortable seats which can work for two people and also look for a good height which can allow for good shooting performance. The good news is that the L220 offers all of these characteristics.

It comes with a durable frame which can hold up to 500lbs, with the combined weights of the hunters. It then uses the comfortable seats to offer plenty of support and breathability. This is why the stand is considered to be one of the best choices at 18 feet. Since there are some alternatives at 15 feet or even above, at 20 feet, you will want to look for an option which can cover most situations and this is why the L220 can be a good choice for many types of hunters.

Millennium Tree Stands L220 18 ft Double Ladder Stand Review

With an adjustable shooting rail, you will have the platform needed to perform the most accurate shots. The good news is that the rail comes with padding from the box. This means that you will keep your weapons in a better condition, free from dents or scratches. Even more, you can actually improve your detection level as you will have fewer sounds with each movement. Apart from this, the padding can also act to improve comfort level when you lean against the rail. With so many great features, the stand is one of the Millennium L220 Double Ladder Stand Reviewsimplest and most effective designs you can find from the manufacturer.

The Millennium Tree Stands L220 Double Ladder Stand is one of the complete stands for pairs. If you hunt together with a friend or with your spouse, you will be glad to know that the comfort and support is enough for both of you. The stand has a capacity of 500lbs which makes it perfect for most people. In terms of visibility, you will be well above the ground. At 18 feet, you will have a better view on the target animal then from ground level. You will also be in an improved camouflage position which is what you want in the end. The stand offers the right platform to achieve this.


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