Millenium Tree Stands L360 ReviewMillennium Tree Stands L360 Review

The Millennium Tree Stands L360 offers a unique perspective for your tree stand design. With 360-visibility, it can be a good choice if you need to monitor a larger area and need all-round coverage. You will also receive an extra-large platform which can increase comfort and versatility with a modern design that can serve you even in standing position. The best news is that with the Millennium 360 Ladder Stand visibility you also receive complete gun rest padding. No more dents or sounds to scare your target away.

Millennium Treestands L360 Reviews


  • 360-visibility
  • Padded gun rest
  • 21 feet maximum height
  • Breathable chair materials


  • Heavy at 130lbs

OverallMillennium Tree Stands L360 Ladder Stand Review

The Millennium Tree Stands L360 16ft 360 Ladder Stand is one of the versatile options for the dedicated hunter. Since you can use the opportunity to create the best coverage in your area, you can comfortably sit on the seat and rest the gun on the padded frame.

If you’re looking to improve overall performance while hunting you will want a high position for your treestand. This is why the Millennium Treestands L360 offers an improved coverage from 21 feet. At this height, it is one of the best options for hunters looking to maximize visibility. This is why it will be best suited for the advanced user who actively monitors larger outdoor areas.

The downside of such a complex design is the weight. With just over 100lbs, the treestand is not easy to handle by yourself. Ideally, you will have another person helping you with the process of setting up. To stay away from accidents, you will need to practice on the ground level first. This way you`ll get to familiarize yourself with the system and avoid potential accidents.

At this height and with this design, safety becomes crucial. This is why you will need to wear the provided safety harness. As the treestand, the harness comes with a small learning curve. If you are familiar with harnesses you will be ready to go in minutes. If you are new to this safety measure, you want to make sure you read the full instructions and stay away from potential hazards. The last thing you want is to be exposing yourself to any accidents and this is why you can rehearse the basic procedures on the ground.

Millennium L360 Ladder Stand Reviews

The Millennium Tree Stands L360 Ladder Stand offers a unique design which is certainly one of the most interesting characteristics of the platform. It has the padding you need with the gun rest and can offer increased camouflage as it comes with less chances of making any noises to scare your target away. The chair is made with breathable materials which are a good addition if you plan to sit for a few hours. But the biggest advantage of the system comes with the 360 visibility which has the hunter in the advantageous position of being able to monitor large areas outdoors. If you want to improve visibility both in terms of height and in terms of all-round coverage, the treestand can be the best option.


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