Mission MXB Charge Crossbow Review

The Mission MXB Charge Crossbow represents one of the most appreciated options on the market. It comes with an impressive speed performance which can reach up to 365fps. With such speeds, it represents a solid option for all types of users. And the best news is that this speed comes with a lightweight design as well. Thus, the crossbow only measures 6.9lbs and this makes it one of the most attractive options when it comes to a balanced approach which doesn’t sacrifice performance.


  • Versatile design
  • 365fps speed
  • 9lbs weight


  • Versatility not for all types of users


The Mission MXB Charge Crossbow comes with a solid performance in a compact and versatile design. With speeds that can reach up to 365fps, it can represent a good option from many perspectives. As it can improve accuracy, it can prove to be a great solution for improving skills. It can also improve the user experience since you will be able to get better results.

The crossbow stands out when it comes to versatility. The MBX Charge Adjustable Limb Retention System, the crossbow is able to fit any shooter. With a choice of three options which include the Basic, Hunter and the Proc shooters, you will be able to enjoy a versatility which is not common on today’s market. This makes the crossbow one of the most interesting options when it comes to performance with a twist of versatility and a rare design on a modern market.


The design of the crossbow will recommend it for a wider number of situations. Thus, you will be able to work to a high standard with the compact and versatile design. It will be able to compete with more expensive designs with no issues. The crossbow will deliver a solid performance which will set it apparat and this is based on the 6.9lbs design. With such a complex and simple approach at the same time, it represents one of the products which make shooting a crossbow one of the most pleasant experiences. With the ability to choose your shooter, the versatile design will put you in the situation where you will not be limited by anything that your ability to assess the situation.

The MXB Charge Crossbow is an interesting option from many perspectives. Starting with the innovation, the fact that it can work with different shooters means that it will be able to add a degree of sophistication and of customization which is not common on today’s market.

The crossbow also comes with the lightweight design at its 6.9lbs. This will, of course, put it in the select category of easy to use crossbows with its added maneuverability. Even more, it will prove to be a fantastic performer as it will work with speeds of up to 365fps. Looking forward to your day spent outdoors is now the newest feeling of the crossbow as it adds a touch of versatility to a crowded market where even the small features can make the difference.


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