Mission MXB Sniper Lite Crossbow Review

The Mission MXB Sniper Lite Crossbow comes as an affordable option for all types of users. With speeds that can reach up to 310fps, it is on the lower end of the high performance. But in terms of weight, it actually stands very well with its 5.9lbs. The ultra-lightweight design recommends it among the most interesting options from the manufacturer. It will prove to be very easy to use and a top priority for the new user.


  • 9lbs weight
  • Adjustable shooter
  • 14” powerstroke


  • Not the fastest option


When it comes to judging performance, there is always the need to find the best solution when it comes to working closely with the most interesting lightweight designs. The top speed of the crossbow sits at 310fps. This might not be the fastest option on the market, even at this weight. This is why it can represent a good option for the casual user looking to start using a modern crossbow.

Judging by the weight, the limited speed performance can be explained by the added maneuverability and by the ability to work closely with a design which will easily stand out from the competition with its compact approach. The speed performance can thus be judged from the perspective of the weight and this makes it an interesting option when looking to work closely with all types of situations. Even more, the weight of the crossbow will recommend it where other models fail. Thus, when you have limited space but still need to go above the 300fps mark, the crossbow can represent a solid option. It will also prove to be a solid option when it comes to a balanced performance, which, in the end, might be even more important than individual characteristics such as speed.


With a versatile design, the crossbow can represent an attractive option. You will be able to choose from three shooters as you might expect from the MXB design. This means that you will be able to enjoy a degree of versatility which is hard to match from many perspectives. Even more, it will prove to be a solid option from the perspective of getting closer to the high-end designs. The main difference will be made by speed in this comparison and this can say a lot about the manufacturer’s approach and the performance level which is very close from model to model.

The Mission MXB Sniper Lite Crossbow is one of the most interesting options on the market. It goes far beyond what you might expect from the entry-level option. Its speed will situate it in this category but is weight would place it in the category of those looking to use modern designs which come under the 6 lbs mark and this can have an important impact on the purchasing decision of many users. Going beyond the classic options, it can represent one of the most interesting approaches when it comes to delivering a well-balanced performance.


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