Moultrie A-30 Game Camera Review

The Moultrie A-30 Game Camera comes with an impressive speed performance. With a trigger speed of 0.7 seconds, it is one of the fastest options on the market and this can ensure you don’t miss any frame. With a powerful 12-megapixel sensor, the camera can capture great pictures during the day and during the night. Even more, these pictures can be completed with the HD video capabilities of the camera which will recommend it among the up to date options on the market.


  • 12-megapixel sensor
  • HD video capabilities
  • 7 seconds trigger speed


  • Wi-Fi module sold separately


The camera comes with a solid performance and can be one of the interesting options for many types of users. It combines both still photos and video images to offer a clearer perspective and this can represent one of the most beneficial characteristics when it comes to offering a clearer outlook on your subjects.

With a 60 feet detection range, it will prove to be a good option for smaller areas where the subjects can’t be too far from the camera. It will prove to work in a large number of these situations both during the day and during the night as it comes with a built-in flash. Even more, the camera comes with HD video capabilities. This means that it will be able to record videos of up to 15 seconds each. This limitation is set due to the memory capabilities as the camera needs time to write the video on the SD m memory card. Although the card is not included, the camera can work with any type of SD memory of up to 32GB.


The camera comes with a durable design. It is even backed by a 2-year warranty and this can prove to be a good addition, especially if you have multiple cameras in multiple locations. The camera will prove to be up to date with the latest technologies.

With Wi-Fi capabilities, it will be able to transfer data without any wires and this will make it highly attractive for the modern user who doesn’t like wasting time. The device needs a separate module though and this is where it might need an extra investment if you want the Wi-Fi capabilities.

The Moultrie A-30 Game Camera is one of the most interesting options on the market as it combines some old-school technologies such as the detection sensor with some new technologies such as the Wi-Fi capabilities. In terms of handling the files and file types, the camera can deliver both photos and videos. Like many similar devices, it will work both during the day and during the night. Even more, it might prove to be one of the interesting options when it comes to battery life as well. With a capacity of 8 AA batteries, the camera will provide a solid alternative to many other similar options and it will be able to deliver thousands of pictures with a single set.


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