Moultrie A-40 Game Camera

With this amazing camera from Moultrie, prey is now within your grasp. Advanced technological design places it in a class of its own. The Moultrie A-40 Game Camera has all features enhanced and offers the best extra set of eyes for the intrepid hunter.

That good trophy buck may be skittish and highly alert, but you can be certain it’s not fast enough for the Moultrie A-40 Game camera. The trigger system is among the best in its category with a 0.3 second time frame.

You can be sure to spot animals even beyond the trees and bushes thanks to the long flash range of 100 feet. Whether your prey moves during the day or night, the camera will be there to capture the moment.

Images are of high quality courtesy of the 16 megapixel lens. They will make you feel like you took them personally being right in the thick of it. All these qualities make the Moultrie A-40 Game Camera your best partner. With the detailed information it provides, you can finally set a well planned ambush to get that trophy you want so much.


  • High quality construction assures you of a long service life
  • High resolution videos and images
  • Allows for both daytime and nighttime use
  • Extremely fast trigger system of 0.3 seconds
  • Long range of capture of up to 100 feet
  • Camouflaged to blend perfectly with the surroundings. Prey animals will never spot the camera
  • Wireless connectivity allows you to look in from anywhere.


  • Durable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Long range trigger zone


  • Doesn’t have the longest battery life

Game Camera Buying Guide

Buying a game or trail camera can be a tricky experience especially when you consider the different brands and varieties in the market. To pick the right one, you need to have a few tips up your sleeve. Some of these tips center on understanding the basics of how a trail camera works. Lets us look into this now.

It’s important to understand the different elements of a game camera. These include:

  • Batteries. These will keep the camera running. The longer the camera is active the better.
  • Infrared. This determines the quality of night time images, as well as how undetectable the camera is. There are two main types of infrared. The no glow type and the invisible type.
  • Detection circuit. This is the mechanism or system that triggers the camera when an animal passes within range.
  • Setting up. This refers to the process of placing the camera trap. When selecting the game camera, ensure the set up process is easy.
  • Image quality. This is important and is a reflection of the quality of the trail camera itself.

Trail Camera buying tip

Image quality

It is easy and normal for first timers to go for the trail camera with the highest megapixel count. While it is an important factor to consider, there is more to the quality of the image than this.

To find out if a camera produces high quality images, the best thing to do is to look at samples of the pictures. Only then can you be able to judge the color, brightness as well as the contrast of the image.

When it comes to night time images, there are two points to note. Infrared cameras will only give photos in black and white whereas flash cameras will produce color night time images.


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