Moultrie Game Spy 2 Plus Game Camera Review

The Moultrie Game Spy 2 Plus Game Camera comes with a 9-megapixel sensor. The camera has a capable sensor which is coupled with a fast 1-second trigger speed. Its main sensors will work to detect any motion in a range of up to 50 feet. If motion is detected, the camera will trigger the photo. The best part is that this can be done both during the day and during the night as well, as the camera comes with the flash which can reach distances of up to 50 feet.


  • 9-megapixel sensor
  • Video capabilities
  • SD card slot


  • 50 feet detection range


The camera can represent an interesting option when it comes to performance. Generally speaking, you will be able to take photos during the day and the night and follow up with videos as well. This is powered by the 9-megapixel sensor which can deliver clear images even in difficult lighting.

The camera will prove to be a good affordable option as it will prove its performance in any situation. Its motion sensors will work to a maximum distance of 50 feet. This recommends it for smaller spaces and shorter distances. The flash will also work to a similar distance and this is why it might not prove to be the best option for large spaces you want to cover. The performance will prove to be at a good level and with basic video footage you will be able to get a clearer perspective on your subjects. Going beyond this point, it will prove to be an interesting option with its durable approach.


The design of the camera recommends it among the interesting options on the market and the best news is that this will set it apparat in the entry-level segment. With video capabilities, the camera can add value to your photos. Even more, the design of the camera features some smart characteristics which will make your life easier improving the overall experience. This is where the camera will come with some interesting characteristics such as the 6 AA batteries design which makes powering the camera as straightforward as possible. Even more, the camera also comes with the SD card slot which is similar to what some more expensive alternatives have to offer. It will also come with a 1-year warranty which is standard in this segment of the market.

Moultrie Game Spy 2 Plus Game Camera is one of the simplest choices you can make to record images. Although it doesn’t offer many advanced features, it represents the best option if you are just starting out with these cameras in the wilderness. It will also prove to be one of the simplest options when it comes to combining videos and photos. The trail camera will be a top choice when it comes to choosing an entry-level performer and one of the top choices for a simplistic user experience with its AA batteries and SD memory card.


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