Moultrie M-50i Game Camera Review

Moultrie M-50i Game Camera is a game trail camera in the Moultrie series of game cameras. The innovation utilizes high technology to capture high-quality pictures and videos. This is one of the game and trail cameras in the Moultrie series you need to look for especially because of its excellent features and specifications.

Moultrie M-50i Game Camera

Presentation of the Moultrie M-50i

Unlike ordinary trail cameras available today, Moultrie M-50i is wide and large in size. The front and backside of the trail camera is characterized by python brackets.  These threaded slate River Angle mount on the bottom side enables mounting easy of the camera. The case is sturdy and durable. It provides adequate protection to the camera from harsh environment in the wild. At the back and front of the camera you find python brackets. The front brackets are useful and they enable the user lock the memory card safely in the camera.


  • The camera gives excellent picture and video quality. The camera captures highly detailed and defines images thanks to its high resolution levels.
  • The case is well designed to provide adequate protection to the cameras as well as to offer greater durability.
  • It is easy to mount the cameras in the remote location. This is because the cameras have good internal view screens which enable user to decide on the best angle to mount the camera.
  • The cameras are strong, powerful and more durable. Unlike other cameras in the Moultrie series, M-50i are strong and sturdy cameras that offers greater durability


  • Poor battery performance.
  • Its video detection is not fast as with similar game cameras.

Features and Benefits of the Moultrie M-50i Trail Camera

Flash technology

Low glow IR technology has been utilized on these cameras. The cameras have a high trigger and recovery speed for the pictures. However, trigger time for videos is quite low while recovery time for videos is excellent.

Long life batteries

It comes with a powerful set of eight AA batteries that can last long without having to replace them frequently.

Picture and Video Resolution

Moultrie M-BTi Game Camera is a powerful camera that comes packed with high resolution for both clearer images and videos. A resolution of 20 Megapixels is strong enough to give colorful and clearer pictures. With this kind of photo resolution, the cameras have the ability to capture photos of animals very well even when they are in motion.

Video quality that is produced by these cameras is excellent. A 1920 x 1080 video resolution will give you a highly detailed and colorful video and you don’t have to worry about blurring. The videos are free of blur and tear.

Bark Camouflage feature

The case of the camera is made to camouflage the bark of a tree. The bark camouflage feature enhances the security of the cameras. It is very hard to distinguish the camera from the bark of the tree. Therefore they are not prone to destruction by animals or being stolen by thieves.

Conclusion for the Moultrie M-50i Game Camera

Moultrie M-50i is generally an above average trail and game camera. It is the next thing you need to look out for especially if you are seeking to get your photography to the next level.  Professional photographers can take advantage of the remarkable features that come with these amazing cameras.


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