Moultrie M-BTi Game Camera Review


Moultrie M-BTi is a high-performance game and trail cameras.  They utilize highly advanced technology to monitor the movement of wild animals in a given location. Moultrie M-BTi is a popular brand that offers superior image and video quality. The manufacturers of Moultrie series of cameras are well known for producing top-notch cameras and other products.

Moultrie M-BTi Game Camera

Presentation of the Moultrie M-BTi

Moultrie M-BTi is a compact and sturdy game and trail camera. It is large in size with dimensions 3’ x5’. It comes with a well built and sturdy case for higher durability. It is an easy redefine camera that uses no buttons. It can easily be connected to smartphones from which you can adjust all settings.


  • Easy set up

Setting up these cameras is quite easy. You can do it comfortably using your smartphone.

  • Excellent images and videos.

With a resolution of 14 Mega Pixels and a high trigger speed of 0.5 seconds, you can be sure of colorful and highly detailed pictures. The videos are also of high quality. The camera boasts a powerful resolution of 1080p which enables production of colorful and highly defined videos.

  • They are durable.

They are specially designed to withstand the harsh weather in the wild and give long service as well.


  • These cameras are expensive cameras. Most game and trail cameras will cost you a fortune and this is mainly because of their high quality and top notch features.
  • They consume a lot of power and users may need to replace the batteries from time to time or find an alternative power source.

Features and Benefits of the Moultrie M-BTi Game Camera

Compatibility to smartphones

The cameras are highly compatible with smartphones. The settings of the game and trail can be adjusted via blue tooth connection or using the Smart Set mobile App.

Illumi-night 2 Sensor

Using Moultrie M-BTi, you can capture bright and colorful images even in the dark thanks to the Illumi-night 2 Sensor technology.


The cameras are compatible with SD cards which can be inserted to the slots and removed. They can accommodate SD cards with a storage capacity of up to 32GB.

Flash Technology

The camera utilizes advanced invisible Infra-red LED technology which is appropriate for use even at night. With a flash range of 70 feet and 70 feet detection range, you can get maximum coverage of your remote hunting spot.  

Durable Batteries

The camera comes with a new set of 8 AA batteries with which you can capture up to 15,000 images without need to replace the batteries.

Bark Camouflage

The Pine camouflage helps secure the cameras from getting targeted by thieves. It is concealed by the camouflage and even the wildlife can barely notice the device.

Conclusion for the Moultrie M-BTi Game Camera

This high-quality game camera with cutting-edge technology is just the perfect device to mount on your favorite spying point. For a well planned and successful hunt, Moultrie M-BTi is the camera to have.  It is with no doubt that you get top notch images and videos that you won’t get with any other modern cameras. Not only does the camera produce clear images, it is also durable. It will provide you with enough service before gets out of use.


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