Moultrie P-120i Game Camera Review


Moultrie P-120i Game Camera is a panoramic game camera that has taken photography and scouting to the next level.  It is a panoramic camera with excellent features that everyone interested in hunting should check out for. With a field of view of 1200, there is a lot to view and cover. The camera has a high detection capability and produces well illuminated pictures.

Moultrie P-120i Game Camera

Presenting the Moutrie P-120i Game Camera

Moultrie P-120i Game Camera comes with a solid case design. It is a large trail camera with higher durability. A non-orthodox mechanism is utilized on the latch when opening and closing the camera. On the back of the camera, you find python brackets (2). For easy mounting, there is a tripod mount on the camera’s bottom. To insert and eject batteries, you eject the bottom tray on the underside of the camera. It comes with a set of 8 AA batteries which are powerful enough to enable the camera capture approximately 15,000 pictures before the need to get a new set of batteries.


  • A low glow Moultrie P-120i is a low glow trail camera that has the potential to capture clear images at night without the risk of scaring wild animals away.
  • High image and video quality.
  • Moultrie P-120i Game Camera captures clear and highly detailed images free of blurring and tearing. The camera comes with a strong and durable. This protects the camera from the harsh environment in the wild.
  • It has a high trigger speed of 0.5 seconds.
  • The camera comes with a powerful and durable battery.


  • They are quite expensive. Purchasing one is costly and they require additional payments for monthly plan.
  • High power consumption may result to low battery life. Users may also need to find external source of power.

Features and Benefits of the Moultrie P-120i Game Camera

  • Invisible Infra-red LED technology

An advanced flash technology, Invisible infrared LED that enables capturing/recording of clearer and more detailed images. The camera is highly sensitive to light and can capture clear images even in dark conditions. It produces an invisible flash which does not scare or alert wild animals in the dark.

  • Image and Video Resolution

The cameras come with a 21 Megapixels camera resolution and a 0.5 seconds trigger speed. These features enable the camera capture clear pictures using the. You can obtain clear and high detailed videos as well thanks to the 1920 x 1080 video resolution.

  • Trigger Speed

A trigger speed of 0.5 seconds is quite high and it enables the camera capture clear images of wild animals in motion with reduced blur.

  • Bark Camouflage feature.

Moultrie P-120i comes with a bark camouflage feature. This is a feature that helps secure the camera from theft or destruction by wild animals. The camera is camouflaged and it becomes difficult to distinguish it from the bark of a tree.

Conclusion for the Moultrie P-120i Trail Camera

For clearer and well-detailed images and videos, Moultrie P-120i Game Camera is a perfect choice.   It is an electronic product that gives you real value for money. A 1200 field of view is good enough to give an excellent coverage of the landscape.


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