Moultrie S-40i Game Camera

The Moultrie S-40i Game Camera is the perfect tool to enhance your scouting. The whole experience is simplified with clear high resolution imagery and videos. Prey is brought to you allowing for a learning experience that will help you make your next move.

The S-40i Game Camera has a range of up to 80 meters. The lens can capture a deer passing by even in the dark of night making it a multipurpose tool. Even through trees and bushes, the images are clear enough to see the animal in the background. You will not need to worry about the flash scaring away your prey thanks to the iNVISIBLE infrared technology.

The 16b megapixel camera lens provides quality pictures and high definition videos that are 1080p. These go a long way towards accumulating information that the hunter can use to his advantage. The 0.3 second trigger system will take a shot without the animal even realizing.

The outer cover is durable and sturdy enough for the rigors of outdoor activities. Camouflaged, the Moultrie S-40i Game Camera is near impossible to detection by the animals.

Mobile connectivity technology means that you can view in from a remote position keeping you in touch of the wildlife while at a safe distance not to spook them.


  • Offers very clear images and video
  • Takes quality pictures within a short duration
  • Very durable and do not break down easily
  • 2 year warranty
  • Long battery life


  • May not take too many images

When it comes to getting yourself a game camera, a lot of factors need to be considered. From the quality of the images to how easy it is to set up. However, taking information from a single perspective can be detrimental to getting the right camera. After a few uses, you will end up being disappointed and confused. Let’s look at a few tips below.

Detection Circuit

This is the mechanism that detects the animal when it is within range. It then activates the trigger. The detection circuit uses both motion and heat.

There are three main elements to the detection circuit. The detection area, trigger time span and the recovery time.

The trigger speed. This is the span of time from when the motion was detected to when the image was taken.

Recovery time. It refers to how fast the camera stores the first image and gets ready to take the second image.

Detection zone. This is the area that the camera sensors are active. When an animal crosses this area, the camera takes an image.

Battery life

When buying a trail camera, the longer the battery life means that you can take more photos and will ultimately be cost effective in the long run.

There are different types of batteries available in the market. Examples include lithium, and Nimh batteries. Each has its own advantages.

Nimh batteries are rechargeable. This proves useful in cold winters where the charge dies out quickly. Lithium batteries however have a longer life span and are more dependable in different weather conditions.


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