Moultrie White Flash Game Camera

What sets the Moultrie White Flash Game Camera apart from its competitors in the market is the ability to produce high quality color images even at distances of 50 feet. Take your scouting to the next level with the high resolution detailed images.

Even in pitch black darkness, you can finally enjoy color images thanks to the advanced xenon strobe flash technology. This sheds light on the target area giving you well detailed pictures. The interface is simple to use making it convenient to set up and capture the behavior of your trophy animals.

Choose between two image resolutions with the Moultrie White flash Game camera. The 1600x1200px and the 4320x3240px.

You can make use of the three methods of capturing videos and pictures. These are multi-shot which is triggered by infrared and the time-lapse which sets itself off after preset duration. There is also the hybrid method that makes use of the earlier two methods.

The camera has a sturdy and durable construction making it able to withstand the harsh conditions of the woods as well as the weather elements. To hold it securely in place, it comes with a Python lock Clasp. Take as many images as you need with the storage capacity of 32 GB

The Moultrie white flash game camera runs on 12 AA batteries and enables you to capture up to 15000 images.


  • Durable construction
  • Camouflaged making it undetectable to animals
  • High resolution videos and pictures
  • Night time color imaging
  • Easy to operate and set up


  • The recovery time may be a bit slow
  • Short battery life

Buying tips

There are a few misconceptions when buying a trail camera. Let’s consider a few below.

Infrared cameras work the same

This is another huge misconception and once understood, can help you choose the right type of camera for night time scouting.

There are two main types of infrared camera

  • No glow IR camera
  • Red glow camera

The no-glow camera does not produce any type of visible light. It only produces infrared light. The main advantage is that it is highly undetectable.

The red glow infrared camera produces small red lights as the name suggests. These add more illumination to the images producing a clearer picture. When trying to identify the type of species, red glow infrared cameras will work best. They are also cheaper to buy than the no glow cameras.

Picking the right type of camera for night time images will depend on your specific situation. If you are on a small budget, the no light camera will serve you well. When you need clearer more detailed images, then the red glow infrared camera is the choice for you.

Setting up is hard

Some people tend to shy away from using trail cameras because they think that the whole setting up process is difficult. It is actually very simple. Most manufacturers include a menu that is user friendly. While the processes for set up depend on the brand of camera, the basics are the same and you will be done within a minute or two.


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