Muddy Tree Stands Boss Hawg Review

The Muddy Tree Stands Boss Hawg ladder stand comes with comfortable experience. Hunters can enjoy its comfortable seat together with one of the largest foot platforms on the market. At 17 feet, the tree stand is one of the comfortable options you can choose. With an average height, the stand can represent distinctive features in comfort and style. With a wide seat and a deep foot platform, you can experience one of the best stands for the long days of hunting which so many users are looking for.


  • Comfortable seat
  • Deep foot platform
  • Included footrest
  • Flip back design for the shooting rail


  • No pocket under the seat


The tree stand from Muddy offers one of the complex experiences at a height of 17 feet. With so many options to choose from, it might be difficult to stand out in a crowded market. But this is not the case with the Boss Hawg. Its main strengths lie in the durable design with a top class comfort. The design of the stand allows it hold users and weights of up to 350lbs. With a durable design, the stand only weighs 74 lbs. This makes it one of the rare stands with above average weight capacity which come with a lightweight design. This is perfect for those looking for a manageable design which can be handled with ease. It is also one of the stands which can be successfully mounted by a single hunter.

At a height of 17 feet, you will enjoy good visibility for your hunting needs. The good news is that you are not tied to the chair as it comes with a flip-up design which enlarges the already deep foot platform. You will also be among the lucky users who get to enjoy a breathable chair which comes with an adjustable foot rest. If you want improved comfort you can enjoy the padded shooting rail which is perfect for the long waiting periods. But the good news is that you also get armrests which can prove useful as a shooting platform as well.

As expected, the tree stand comes with an included safety harness. At this height, you will have to make sure your safety is primordial; this is why you should always use the harness regardless on the weather conditions.

The Muddy Tree Stands Boss Hawg Ladder Stand offers one of the most comfortable hunting experiences on the market. While it doesn’t come with the top height from the manufacturer, it offers good comfort and plenty of leg room. You may even use the foot platform for a comfortable standing position. With a foot platform which is larger than many other models from the competition, you will have good reasons to use the stand as often as possible. Unlike many large designs, the platform comes with a manageable weight of 74lbs which recommends it for any type of solo hunter. If you`re looking for a fun and comfortable stand, the Boss Hawg might be among the few top options.


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