Muddy Boss XL Hang On Review

The Muddy Boss XL Hang On tree stand comes with a steel construction and a durable design. Although the stand comes with a steel design it still manages to maintain a lower weight. Thus, the stand comes with a weight of just 20lbs which is around the average on the market for similar designs. The comfort of the stand is ensured by the thickly padded seat. The design of the seat is made with water resistance characteristics which make it perfect for all type of weather conditions as many seats can actually retain water.


  • 20lbs weight
  • Durable steel construction
  • Foam padded seat
  • Flip-up seat design


  • 9” minimum tree diameter


The stand is a perfect option for durability and size. Since it is made from steel it will come with a long life in any weather conditions. Even the seat is water proof which makes it the number one choice for the rainy season. With a thick padding, the seat offers enough cushioning to present a good option for long hours and even days of hunting. Since the lightweight design can be easily carried around, this is why it can even be considered for hunting trips.

The setup of the stand is easy as it comes with a single strap. This is where you will start to focus the safety efforts towards the included full body harness system. Although this is not new to the manufacturer, it provides the basic safety features which are essential to these types of open designs. Although there are other options to choose from in terms of safety, the standard harness is the best choice for users who value safety at an elevated position.

The best method of using the harness is by actually getting to know its setup on ground level. You want to learn how to properly setup the harness and avoid potential accidents. These accidents can even start from tangles and can be easily avoided by using the harness correctly. So you will need to make sure you make the most of the large foot stand by ensuring that safety is in place first.

The wide stance platform is perfect if you prefer to stretch your legs from time to time. The good news is that the platform also comes with the footrest design which is perfect to reduce the pressure on the lower back.

The Muddy Boss XL Hang On is a complete tree stand which is made to last. Coming with a wide stance platform and a padded seat, the stand is perfect for those who need a comfortable hunting experience regardless on the weather conditions. Because the seat is made to resist water infiltrations it can be a great option even after a short rain in the wilderness. The flip-up design recommends the seat for those who want to maximize the space on the platform and who need to maintain proper technique with bow hunting to see the best results even from an elevated position.



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