Muddy Liberty Review

The Muddy Liberty is a hunting platform made for top performance. It uses its 16 feet elevation to offer unique visibility and can be one of the best choices for people looking to improve the hunting experience while maintaining camouflage. Its design is simple and efficient and this can be best seen with the legs of the platform. If most similar products have fixed legs, the Liberty offers adjustable legs which let you place the platform on uneven terrain. This can be an amazing feature for remote hunting locations.


  • 16 feet height
  • Adjustable feet
  • 2 gear bags
  • 300lbs weight capacity
  • Shooting rail
  • Comfortable seat


  • Heavy with a weight of 132lbs


The Liberty platform offers one of the intriguing alternatives for hunters. It is neither a tower nor a tripod design, but it combines the best features to offer a simplistic design for top performance. The platform has an elevation of 16 feet which places you in a very advantageous position which is hard to replicate with individual designs.

These heights are usually achieved with regular tree stands which come with at least one anchoring point. But the good news is that the platform can achieve this on its own. Even more, it is not confined to flat surfaces. As it comes with adjustable feet, it is perfect for all types of surfaces, even uneven terrains. This brings it among the top choices for those who want to hunt in remote locations which are difficult to reach.

At 16 feet, the platform also represents a top alternative to tree stands. In some hunting areas you may not find the trees you need to mount a stand and this is why the Liberty platform can truly improve your freedom of mobility. With a minimalistic design, it manages to tackle all types of surfaces and it can even handle weights of up to 300lbs. Of course, the height of the platform affects its weight. This is why the platform comes with a weight of 132lbs which is not the best choice if you hunt by yourself and need to move it around. But the good news is that once you have it in a location you can enjoy its comfort.

The Muddy Liberty platform comes with a breathable seat which is perfect for all types of weather conditions. Of course, the seat is made for the hot summer months which might be uncomfortable on some padded seats which don`t allow for any breathability. But the seat can also be a good alternative option for those who want to combine sitting with standing.

The good news is that this allows you to use multiple types of weapons which include firearms and bows. The large foot platform makes this possible and with the help of the shooting rail, you can use the design for improved accuracy. But the shooting rail also provides a good safety feature at a height where you might want to maintain constant alertness to avoid any accidents.


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