Muddy Nomad Tripod Review

The Muddy Nomad Tripod comes with a height of 12 feet which is perfect for those who plan to hunt from a higher perspective. The tripod uses a minimalistic design which is a lighter alternative to towers or pods which come with a heavier design. This is why it comes with a weight of 40lbs which makes it the perfect choice if you want to move locations often and if you want to have improved independence compared to a tree stand.


  • 40lbs weight
  • Minimalistic design
  • 300lbs weight capacity


  • No solid foot platform


If you are looking for a minimalistic design which is based on a mobile experience, the tripod can be the only true options. As a tower comes with a higher weight, the tripod represents one of the best options for those looking to improve hunting sessions by choosing an elevated position with a design which is easy to move.

This means that the tripod is one of the best solutions for many types of hunters and especially those who carry the required equipment with them. This can be done with the tripod as it comes with a reduced weight of just 40lbs. This makes it one of the lightest alternatives on the market and a very attractive choice for people who have to walk further into the wilderness.

In terms of visibility, the tripod offers one of the best experiences as the users feel its capacity with the 360 seat. Although you might find the tripod is not truly meant for this visibility, it uses the opportunity to improve the hunting angles in all directions. One of the main issues with the 12′ tripod comes with the reduced feet support. Since there is no platform, you will have to sit for the whole experience which limits your choices of weapons to firearms.

In terms of comfort, the tripod comes with a breathable seat with a flip-up shooting rail. The seat is perfect for the hot summer days and can represent a top choice for those who plan to use it in all types of weather. Unlike padded seats, it comes with the quick-drying design which will also prove useful during transportation as it may even keep your car moist and damp free.

The Muddy Nomad Tripod (MTP8100) is one of the recommended options for hunters who live by independence and mobility. This is why a design like this can only suit  a person who often changes locations as it comes with a minimal design which is perfect or easy transportation. With a weight o 40bs, the tripod represents a good choice for people looking to maximize mobility but who always need good visibility. This is why the 360-visibility can compensate for the non-existent foot platform. With a comfortable seat, you will experience a pleasant hunting experience but which should be limited to a few hours of use as you`ll need to stretch your legs from time to time. The good news is that the access to and from the seat is quite manageable.


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