Muddy Tree Stands Odyssey Review

The Muddy Odyssey Ladderstand comes with a complete 21 feet design. You can enjoy a comfortable hunting experience with the design which allows the storage of one drink and which also comes with 2 accessory hooks. Even more, the design of the ladder stand allows you to flip-up the seat which gives you enough space to stand. If you are looking for a high visibility position the Odyssey might provide the right solution for most people as it can handle weights of up to 300lbs.


  • 20 feet seat height
  • Adjustable shooting rail
  • Steel construction


  • Backrest not high enough


The Muddy Tree Stands Odyssey represents one of the best alternatives for people looking for an excellent viewing angle. With a height of 21 feet, the stand represents one of the best options for those looking to maximize visibility over larger or open areas. Since the design is very high, you should only consider it if you are not afraid of heights. But even so, all users must consider wearing the safety harness which might save you from potential accidents. This safety feature is even more important as the stand is very high and you should familiarize yourself as much as possible with the harness before the first use of the stand.

If you plan to mount it yourself you will need some strength as it comes with a 79lbs weight. For most situations, this might be slightly above the market average. But the good news is that the steel design of the stand`s handles weights of up to 300lbs.

Fans of the flip-up designs will have a few characteristics which might prove useful. These are the flip-back shooting rail and the flip-back footrest. The shooting rail comes with adjustable height and depth. You can use these positions to set your preferred and most comfortable shooting angle. The footrest design may also prove a positive feature which may be one of the best choices in terms of lower back pain, so if you plan to sit for more than a few hours you will eventually have to use the flip-back design.

Your comfort and overall experience can also be improved with the design accessories. You can store your favorite drink and can also hand your accessories on the provided hooks.

The Muddy Tree Stands Odyssey Ladder Stand is one of the best choices for good height visibility and a complete comfort experience. Hunters will be glad to know that the tree stand can be a good alternative for large spaces. For safety reasons, you will have to make the most out of the provided harness but also get familiar with the shooting rail which can also act as a precaution measure with its adjustability.

For the fans of standing positions, you can choose to flip-up the seat to gain more space on the platform. This will allow you the possibility to stretch your legs and can be a good addition for any type of hunting requirements.


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