Muddy Outfitter Hang On Review

The Muddy Outfitter Hang On comes with a seat height of 24”. This makes it one of the highest seats in the series and one of the best options for people looking to for a wide stance foot platform which also comes with a built-in foot rest. This will give you the ability to reduce the pressure on the lower back as you get to stretch your legs. If you plan to make the most of the platform you can use the flip-up seat design to maximize the space.


  • Steel construction
  • 24” seat height
  • Waterproof seat
  • Wide stance foot platform


  • Seat might be too high for some users


The stand is recommended for those who need a high seat with the possibility of a wide foot platform. In terms of comfort, the seat comes with a padded construction and can represent an option if you want to spend a couple of hours sitting. But the seat also comes with a waterproof design which is perfect for those rainy days or for the autumn hunting season. The open design of the stand recommends it for bow use and this is why taking a wide stance can even help you take the shot when seated. But you can also hunt from a standing position as the platform has plenty of room to allow this.

The foot platform is one of the main attractions of the stand. It combines the wider angle in the front for the larger foot stance with the built-in footrest which is perfect for total relaxation whole on the stand. In terms of durability and weight the stand manages to provide an optimum experience is it uses steel for the frame. Thus, it can support weights of up to 300lbs which is perfect for all types of users.

The overall weight of the stand remains surprisingly low, even with the steel construction. Thus, you will get an overall weight of 18lbs which finds the stand slightly below the market average. This represents a good option if you are looking to reduce the weight of the hunting equipment. It can also be a good choice if you plan to look for better hunting locations further and further into the wilderness. Thus, if you change your locations as often as you want, you won`t have to struggle to carry the stand from place to place.

The Muddy Outfitter Hang On is one of the recommended options as a good overall product. Although you might prefer it for the size of the platform or for the high seat, it is the overall performance that makes it one of the best choices not only from the manufacturer but even on the market. With a reduced overall weight and good durability, the stand represents one of the best choices for the users who want a top performer. Bow hunters will be glad to know that the wide stance platform is into their advantage as well, as it allows them to sit in a more comfortable position.


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