Muddy Pro Cam 14 Game and Trail Camera Review

Muddy Pro Cam 14 Game and Trail Camera


Muddy Pro Cam 14 is a high-end camera released to the market with tons of remarkable features and specifications. It is the next thing to look out for especially for professional high-quality pictures and videos. The camera gives you a good hunting experience by capturing all the happenings in the woods in the most natural way.

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The Muddy Pro Cam 14

The camera comes with a thick and strong plastic casing that provides adequate protection of the camera from the adverse weather conditions in the woods.  The camera can be mounted on a tree or a remote location using the ¼ inch X 20 and adjustable strap that comes with a strong buckle. For theft deterrence, the camera is compatible with padlocks and cable locks.


  • Clear, brighter and more colorful images are obtained.
  • Its non-reflective brown color gives it protection from theft.
  • With a detection range of 50’, the camera is able to get a good coverage of your hunting spot.
  • With a 32 SD card, the camera can store a large number of videos and photos.


  • Its batteries are not powerful enough to last long. Therefore, the hunters have to keep replacing them from time to time.

Features and Benefits of the Muddy Pro Cam 14

Image Quality

The camera is able to obtain bright and clear shots of every single move of wildlife in the field. At daytime, pictures are captured at a resolution of 16 Mega Pixels. The camera obtains monochrome night time photos at 2 Mega Pixels resolution.

The pictures have authentic stamps just like other images produced by original Muddy cameras. The stamp has information about date and time it was taken, temperatures, moon phase and camera identity.

With a trigger speed of 1.5 seconds, burst interval of 2 seconds and detection range of 50’, the camera is able to capture movement of animals even at a far distance.


Most game and trail cameras consume a lot of power especially on video mode hence users must have a reliable power source. The cameras require 6 AA batteries or an alternative source of power including a 12 volts direct current. The user has to source for the batteries as they don’t come as one package with the camera.

Flash Technology

Muddy Pro Cam 14 comes equipped with invisible 18 HE LED technology which is quite friendly to the animals. It also ensures that all captured images are clear and of high quality.

Backlit Screen

Another remarkable thing about Muddy Pro Cam 14 is that it is easy to navigate and adjust camera settings both at daytime and night time. This is due to the backlit LCD screen.  In addition, the camera has an easy setup procedure.

Conclusion for the Muddy Pro Cam 14

Muddy Pro Cam 14 is a high-end camera for hunting and professional photo taking. Generally, it is quite affordable and the quality of its features is not compromised. It’s therefore the ideal game camera for an incredible hunting experience.


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