Muddy Pro Cam 20 Game Camera ReviewMuddy Pro Cam 20

Muddy Pro Cam 20 is a 20 MP camera recently released to the market with tons of excellent features. It is yet another high-end camera in the Muddy series of game and trail cameras. The camera gives you an excellent opportunity to capture all the movements in your hunting spot both at day and night time.  Want to know which is the best trail camera on the market today?  CLICK HERE

Presentation of the Muddy Pro Cam 20

The camera comes with a unique design and s sturdy waterproof casing. It is a durable camera that can be mounted using the1/4” -20 tripod mount and adjustable mount strap. A battery tray that opens from the bottom of the camera has a capacity of 6 AA batteries. Users have to purchase the batteries separately. To enhance security, the cameras are designed in a manner that they can be locked using a padlock or a cable lock.

Features and Benefits of the Muddy Pro Cam 20

Image and Video Quality

Muddy Pro Cam 20 captures 20 MP bright and colorful daytime images. At night, the camera captures 5MP monochrome pictures. Users can also get high definition videos at a resolution of 1280 x720 HD. Within a duration of 10 to 60 seconds, you can adjust the videos. One unique feature of pictures produced by Muddy Pro Cam 20 is that they are stamped for camera identity, date, time, moon phase and temperatures.


  • High quality images and videos can be obtained using this camera.
  • They are durable and can last long in the woods thanks to its well built waterproof case.
  • Easy navigation thanks to the back lit screen.


  • High power consumption of the game camera may necessitate frequent replacement of batteries.
  • The cameras are quite expensive when compare with other cameras with similar features.

Backlit LCD screen

The cameras come with a backlit screen which enables the user to navigate easily and adjust camera settings even under low light conditions.

Fast trigger speed

The cameras have a fast trigger speed of 0.6 seconds. In addition to the high trigger speed, users can take advantage of the different options for trigger delay.

Burst Mode

Users can adjust the camera settings to burst mode. Burst mode enables the camera to capture 2 to 8 pictures every time the trigger is activated. A trigger speed of 0.6 is quite high and reliable for more and high-quality pictures.

Flash Technology

Muddy Pro Cam 20 uses 36 LED invisible flash technology. With this type of flash, you get high-quality images. Since the flash is invisible, it does not alert wildlife or scare them away. It is, therefore, possible to get a good coverage of all movements in your remote location.

Memory and Storage

Muddy Pro Cam 20 comes with a large storage capacity. It has a large storage capacity for pictures and videos. Its memory card slot can accommodate SD cards with storage capacity of up to 32GB.

Conclusion for the Muddy Pro Cam 20

Similar to other game and trail cameras produced under the brand name Muddy, Muddy Pro Cam 20 is a top quality item. It gives a good coverage of your hunting spot and keeps you updated on the happenings in your remote location. In fact, it is a camera worth having if you are really interested in quality videos and images.


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