Muddy The Quad Review

Muddy The Quad represents one of the best solutions for space and comfort with maximum visibility. The platform offers support for up to two users which means you`ll be able to hunt together with a friend or your partner and enjoy a day in the wilderness with maximum comfort and the best visibility. This will find you in a unique position as the platform comes with a square design which is rare on the market but which can be a good starting point toward similar options in the future.


  • 12feet height
  • Two comfortable seats
  • 2 rail ladders
  • 500lbs weight capacity


  • 110lbs weight


Muddy the Quad represents one of the top choices for pairs of hunters who need an elevated platform with the best visibility. When you add the good comfort and easy access, you get one of the most interesting options on the market. The good news is that the top features don`t end here as the platform comes with two ladders and two comfortable seats. The platform also uses a square foot platform which is perfect for maximum space management.

At 12 feet above the ground, the platform is not the highest option on the market but it might be the highest design aimed at two users with improved visibility. To access the platform you can use one of the ladders which come with the modern design. This means you`ll have the opportunity of quickly accessing the platform. But you will not need to come down as often as with other option. This is mainly due to the fact that you`ll have a large foot platform which allows you to stretch your legs from time to time. The platform can also support bow hunting which makes it one of the best options for all types of weapons.

In terms of comfort, both seats come with a breathable design which is perfect for all types of hunters. They allow good breathability levels and they are used by the manufacturer across the range which is a testament to their quality and their appreciation by the hunters.

In terms of camouflage you`ll be glad to know the stand comes with a full curtain which will improve your efforts immediately. This type of design may not be the best option for the hot summer days, but in some conditions, it can keep you away from the sunlight while shielding you and improving camouflage.

Muddy The Qua represents a turning point in the manufacturer`s range. While it is not spectacular with most of its features, it’s their combination which makes it so special.

This is why you will be happy to know the stand offers some unique characteristics like the square foot platform which is perfect for space management on the platform. With two seats on the platform you`ll also be able to hunt with a friend or even by yourself, maximizing comfort out in the wilderness. With 500lbs weight capacity, the platform is perfect for all types of hunters who hunt with a friend or with their partner.


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