Muddy Sportsman Hang On Review

The Muddy Sportsman Hang On comes with a wide seat and wide platform to improve comfort. The stand is one of the widest from the series which recommends it for various types of hunters. But the good news is that with extra space, it represents a solid alternative even for standing. The product comes as a good alternative for bow hunting and can represent a solid option for people who require more space to perform at maximum capacity.


  • 17lbs reduced weight
  • Extra wide foot platform
  • Extra wide seat
  • Steel construction


  • Climbing system not included


The Muddy Sportsman Hang On is one of the few truly wide tree stands on the market. Although there are other over-sized alternatives to choose from, none of them balance the foot platform with the seat in the same way. Not only do you get a breathable seat, but you also get a spacious seat which can provide the platform you need to hunt for hours and hours. The seat is also good in rainy weather conditions as it can actually dry quicker than some padded alternatives.

The foot platform is also quite comfortable and it represents one of the best options for users looking to balance sitting and standing. The platform can give you the space to stretch your legs and can be considered one of the recommended options in the overs-sized stands market. Although the stand could also be included in a new category, representing oversized seats and platforms.

The good news is that the minimalistic design of the stand allows it to maintain a lower weight. This is why even the larger frame, the stand is still among the lightest options. It measures just 17lbs and this is why it can be considered as one of the top options for hunters who love to carry the stand to remote locations. But it can also be a good option if you plan to move the stand to new locations often.

The stand also represents a solid option if you like noise cancellation. This is due to the fact that its design recommends it as a practical solution which is not made for metal on metal contact. This is the perfect alternative for those who want to maintain camouflage regardless on the equipment maneuvers.

The Muddy Sportsman Hang On is one of the best choices if you plan to use the stand in multiple locations. For this purpose, two major characteristics will make it stand out. They are the weight and the wide design. The steel design of the stand is one of the best in terms of weight management as it only comes with 17lbs weight. The oversized sat and stand makes it the perfect choice for comfort even on longer hunting sessions. It will give you the platform you need to perform the vast movements which come with bow hunting. With an included safety harness, the stand comes with everything you need to start using it out of the box.



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