Muddy Stalker Climber Review

The Muddy Stalker Climber comes with a nylon seat which is perfect for all types of weather conditions. Even if you think the minimalistic design is not a good choice, it can prove to be an excellent design in rainy conditions where drying can be a lengthy process for padded seat alternatives. The stand comes with a total weight of 15lbs which is perfect if you plan to use it for travel or if you plan to walk many miles with the included backpack straps.


  • Aluminum construction
  • 15lbs weight
  • 21” seat height


  • Accessory bag is hard to reach


The stand comes with an interesting design which might prove minimalistic design can work if made around the user. This is why it will be a good option for those hunters looking to maximize practicality, accessory holding and the no-slip design.

The stand is one of the few which actually come with an accessory holder. This feature should be seen on more models from the manufacturer and from the competition but is still not standard with so many alternatives. This being said, the accessory bag is difficult to reach as it is placed under the seat. The safest way to reach the bag is while seated as this eliminates the risk of accidents.

The design of the stand comes with the included climbing chains which have proven their durability in time. If you are planning to use the stand as often as possible, you should not worry about durability. This is because the chains are strong and they can actually support weights of up to 300bs.

Another interesting feature comes with the anti-slip foot platform which is perfect individuals concerned with safety. You should also know that the stand comes with the standard full body harness which is perfect for optimum safety. The trees the stand can be mounted on are standard trees as you can expect with the 9” diameter minimum requirement.

The Muddy Stalker Climber is one of the best options for people looking for a lightweight design which can also come with above-average safety and features. This means you can expect an accessory holder which is not ideally placed, but at least it offers you the possibility to bring some of your favorite equipment on the platform.

The non-slip design of the foot platform also proves to be one of the best additions which are perfect for the safety-concerned user. Although there might be many other similar technologies with other models, there are not many which combine this with a nylon seat. The seat is comfortable enough for short hunting sessions but it can also represent the top choice in terms of breathability and the ability to quickly dry after rain.

If you want to carry the stand you will be glad to know it comes with a reduced weight of 15lbs. The stand also adds the backpack straps to the product which makes it one of the best options for a light hunting experience.


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