Muddy Tree Stands Grand Stand Review

The Muddy Tree Stands Grand Stand comes with an impressive platform height of 21 feet. With such an improved visibility conditions, the ladder tree stand is perfect for those looking to monitor larger areas or open areas for the ultimate hunting experience. Made with durable steel tubing, the platform can support weights of up to 350lbs and weighs 99lbs. The tree stand comes with a comfortable foot platform which is perfect for those users who need the extra space for standing or stretching the feet.


  • 21 feet visibility
  • Flip-up seat design
  • Wide and angled steps
  • Hand rails steps design
  • Included drink holder


  • Not the lightest option for the single hunter


The tree stand offers one of the best views from the manufacturer. Set at a height of 21 feet, it offers hunters improved visibility and represents one of the recommended options for monitoring larger open areas.

At this height, using a safety harness is mandatory. The good news is that the stand comes with a harness which you can use to improve your safety while on the platform. In terms of comfort, you will be glad to know the stand comes with a comfortable chair. One of its good characteristics comes with the flip-up design which is perfect if you’re looking to maximize the standing situations. Since you can use the adjustment to optimize bow use, there are plenty of good reasons to choose the stand for multiple types of weapons. If you prefer fire arms, you can use the shooting rails as a platform to improve accuracy. The rail can be set in two positions depending on your desired angle.

The feet comfort is ensured by the large platform which acts as a solid base for good support and comfort levels. The added flip-back footrest can also represent a small advantage in the situations where you are required to sit for hours.

However, one of the most interesting design characteristics comes with the angled steps which are perfect for improving general safety while climbing on and off the platform. The hand rail design is another advanced feature which can use the simple steel construction for added safety and the feeling of security for those who are uncomfortable at such heights.

The Muddy Tree Stands Grand Stand represents a comfortable choice for those looking for extra-high stands. These stands are the perfect combination of visibility and safety. The included harness, the angled steps and even the hand rail are working to improve the overall safety to the maximum level which can be found on the market. If you need a design which is easy to use but you might be afraid of going as high as 21 feet, these extra safety features might make the difference when choosing the right stand for your needs. With simple flip-up chair design, you can maximize the space on the stand to provide a more relaxed space which allows you to stand and stretch your legs.


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