Muddy Tree Stands Huntsman Review

The Muddy Huntsman Ladderstand comes with a 17 feet height to the shooting rail. The tree stand represents one of Muddy’s popular choices which combines comfort with versatile designs. The stand comes with an adjustable shooting rails as you may expect from Muddy’s designs. You can also adjust the rail to height and depth which can represent a good base as a stable platform. If you need to combine this with the decent comfort you can enjoy a good posture using he flip-back footrest and the built-in armrests which are perfect as a stabilizing shooting platform also.


  • Customizable shooting rail
  • Included footrest
  • Comfortable seat with armrests
  • Deep platform for standing
  • Reduced weight


  • Not mesh pocket


The Muddy Tree Stands Huntsman comes with a height of 17 feet placing it among the most popular choices on the market in terms of visibility. At this height, there are plenty of models to choose from. But why would you choose the Muddy Tree Stands Huntsman?

The tree stand offers a good balance between the high visibility point, comfort and even lightweight construction. Surprisingly, such a high platform only weighs 55lbs. This means you`ll get the lightweight construction which is perfect for easy handling. If you worry on the weight capacity of the platform you should know that it comes with a 300lbs user capacity which is just about the average of the market. You`ll thus get a capable design with a low weight that is perfect for single individual tree mounting.

The stand offers a removable shooting rail which also comes with good adjustability. If you decide to keep and use the rail you will be able to choose between two angles and adjust the height or the depth according to your shooting needs.

The comfort of the stand is ensured by the breathable seat which comes with a flip-up design. It also proved to be a seat geared towards the long days out hunting as it comes with the padded armrests. If you need to create a wider platform to suit a standing position such as the situations where you may need a bow, you can flip-back the footrest and seat to create a clear platform. If you want to maximize safety you should always consider using the included harness which comes with all the instructions you need.

The Muddy Tree Stands Huntsman comes with a popular height which is perfect for most situations. This height allows you to monitor a good area around you while providing decent camouflage. With a comfortable seat, you might consider the best options are sometimes the simplest ones, at least with tree stands. This is why the adjustability of the shooting rails which can also be removed can provide a good versatility according to your needs and objectives. With such a lightweight design the stand represents the perfect option for those looking to mount the system themselves and even for those who need multiple stand to monitor multiple locations and need lightweight solutions.


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