Muddy Tree Stands Nexus Double Review

The Muddy Tree Stands Nexus Double is one of the comfortable solutions for two people. With a height of 20 feet, the tree stand offer one of the best viewing angles for two hunters with a comfortable design. The good news is that the comfortable and breathable seat can be flipped back to gain more space on the platform. This can be one of the best solutions for hunters who want to combine sitting and standing options.


  • 20 feet height
  • Double seat
  • Comfortable design
  • Flip-back seat for more space


  • Heavy stand


For those looking to gain an extra seat on a tree stand, the Nexus Double can represent one of the obvious options. It not only comes with a double seat, but it also offers a good visibility angle. For 20 feet above the ground, there are many reasons to consider the stand. One of the main reasons is, of course, the improved visibility. This can be recommended for larger hunting areas but also with open spaces or just for hunters who love to have a better viewing angle.

The double seat design can be a good option if you are hunting with your partner or friend. With so many designs one the market, it can be difficult to choose the best option. This is why even some single hunters prefer the double design for added space and comfort.

The seats are made from a breathable material which is perfect for the hot summer days. It can also be a good option if you sit for many hours and you need a breathable material which offers good ventilation. But there is another benefit with the breathable material which involves quick drying. After each rain, you would not be able to sit on a padded seat too quickly. But the mesh material is quick to dry and can be a great solution for those living in rainy areas.

In terms of comfort you may also expect some additions as you might spend a day outdoors with a friend. This is why the manufacturer included 2 drink holders and two accessory hooks. This way you can ensure you have a safe storage space for all of your accessories while out hunting.

The steel construction of the tree stand really recommends it as a sturdy platform even for two hunters. In fact, the stand comes with a 500lbs capacity which is perfect for all types of users who need a solid stand.

The Muddy Tree Stands Nexus Double is one of the best stand for hunters looking for a stable design with amazing visibility. It seems that at 20 feet above the ground, most hunters enjoy a better perspective than with some other alternatives on the market. With a breathable seat which can dry quickly, you will get the opportunity to use the stand even after heavy rain, which might be one of the reasons you would opt for such a simple and effective design.


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