Muddy Tree Stands Partner Review

The Muddy Tree Stands Partner comes with a two-hunter capacity. The stand has a height of 17 feet which makes it the perfect choice for most hunters. The platform is not too high to be influenced by heavy winds, but not too low to obstruct good visibility. The stand comes with a padded shooting rail which has been one of the staples of Muddy Tree even with modern designs. The stand offers a double seat which can flip-up to offer maximum space on the platform and the ability to hunt from a standing position as well.


  • 17 feet height
  • Flip-up seat
  • Extra-wide foot platform


  • No drink holders


The Muddy Tree Stands Partner offers one of the best solutions for two hunters who need good visibility. At a height of 17 feet, the stand offers enough elevation for most situations and types of hunters. This is why so many stands on the market offer the same height as it is the perfect combination of safety and good visibility. The stand doesn`t offer a height which would be heavily influenced by winds but it is also not too low to compromise camouflage. This is why it can represent the safe choice if you are looking to hunt with a partner.

One of the downsides of the stand is that it doesn`t come with any drink holder. It also doesn`t feature any accessories holder as we have seen with some of Muddy Tree`s models. But if you count that you get an extra-large foot platform, you may see the true value in the stand. And this is one of the strengths of the stand since not many alternatives come with such a spacious foot platform.

Practically, you get a platform which allows you a combination of sitting and standing which is hard to match with any other model on the market. This is why hunters who put an emphasis on comfort can be the ones looking for the Partner. The truth is you never know when you might need the extra space and it can be a true strength. It can also work for various weapons such as bows, which need more space and the added flexibility of the extra-large platform can add just that.

If you are considering the platform you should know that it comes with the popular breathable seat from Muddy Tree. The seat also flips-up allowing you to enjoy more platform space and creating the right environment for two people. The breathable mesh is perfect for the summer days when you need extra ventilation and for the autumn season when you need a quick drying option after rain.

The Muddy Tree Stands Partner offers one of the simplest yet most effective solutions for two hunters. If you are not bothered by the lack of drink or accessories holder and you just want a good spacious stand, the Partner can be a good choice. With good visibility and great comfort, it even works for singles who want to enjoy the extra space.


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