Muddy Tree Stands Sidekick Review

The Muddy Tree Stands Sidekick represents the combination of low height and a comfortable hunting experience. The stand comes with a height of 16 feet and it is the manufacturer`s option for a simple and effective design at a lower height. If you are planning to hunt with a partner but don`t want to spend a fortune on the stand, at 16 feet above the ground you will get good visibility and a minimalistic stand which does its job very well.


  • 16 feet height
  • Double seat
  • Breathable seat
  • Reduced weight


  • Small foot platform


The Muddy Tree Stands Sidekick represents one of the minimalistic options which is meant to support two hunters. You might be among those hunters who don`t need all the extra accessories and the extra space of modern tree stand and you just need a simple design which works. In this case, the Sidekick can represent the best option for you. If you are unsure about the product, make sure to go over its basic features to decide if this is an option for you.

One of the main characteristics of the stand is its lower height. At 16 feet, it cannot be considered among the highest options. It is the medium to low height stands which makes it a good choice for those who might not feel comfortable at 20 feet or above. It will also work if you prefer quick access to the stand. But the tree stand is also not too low to compromise your camouflage. You might consider the stand as a good option if you prefer the minimalistic approach.

Another characteristic of the stand comes with the reduced foot platform. If you prefer to sit and don`t need too much extra space for the feet, the stand can represent a good option for you and your hunting partner. Many hunters prefer this type of design as they sit for reduced hours with every hunting session.

Another important aspect of a minimalistic design is the weight. This is why the stand only comes with a weight of 64lbs. Of course, this makes it the perfect option for the single hunter as you can even mount the stand yourself. And it can also represent a good option for the single hunter who prefers a more spacious stand while hunting alone.

The Muddy Tree Stands Sidekick is a true minimalistic stand with a reduced weight. At the height of 16 feet you will enjoy just enough visibility to cover a larger area and a comfortable seat which comes with a breathable material. The reduced foot platform also helps to keep the overall weight low; this is why the stand only weighs 64lbs. So you would choose this stand over other alternatives from Muddy Tree to the low weight, low height and simplistic approach to hunting. If you don`t want all the accessories of a complex stand and just need an option which does its job, the Sidekick can be a top alternative.


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