Muddy Tree Stands Sky Rise 2 Person Review

The Muddy Sky Rise 2 Man Ladderstand comes with a 20 feet height. The design is perfect for two hunters who need good visibility with combined comfort. The double rail ladder stand is perfect to provide the much-needed stability for two users. This is why the manufacturer used four bolted ladder sections to prevent vibrations and even noises which could potentially scare the animals away. Of course, as with any premium two-person designs, the safety is essential. This is why the stand comes with two safety harnesses to prevent accidents as much as possible.


  • 20 feet height with good visibility
  • Double rail climbing for extra safety
  • 4 bolted ladder sections which reduce noise


  • No drink or accessories holders


The Muddy Tree Stands Sky Rise 2 Person offers one of the best experiences for two people. With a large breathable seat, it provides the comfort the hunters need, especially during the hot summer days. The chairs are completed by the foot platform which can provide good support to the feet. The hunters can also benefit from the fully padded shooting rail. The padding will keep your hands from sticking to the steel on the cold days but it will also keep your weapons scratch-free. The padding can also minimize sounds as it can impact the noise effects of the guns hitting the rail. The

shooting rail can also be used as a comfortable alternative while supporting your hands.

The design of the stand is made for maximum noise reduction. Even with the added weight of two users, the stand performs really well with noise cancellation. Apart from the noise canceling seat materials and the padded shooting rail, the stand comes with a 4 bolted ladder sections which prevent noise. This is why it is a recommended stand for those looking to minimize the impact in certain areas where even the slightest sounds can scare the target animal away.

At 20 feet above the ground, the stand represents a good option for those looking to maximize visibility. With so many options to choose from for a single hunter, it is a good addition so see a similar alternative for two hunters. But the stand can also be used by a single hunter who needs the best alternative in terms of space and comfort.

The Muddy Tree Stands Sky Rise 2 Person is one of the best stands for people who are looking for good visibility and support for two hunters. This is why even at 20 feet above the ground the stand offers solid support and a comfortable, breathable, seat. With a fully padded shooting rail, you will have a stable platform to improve accuracy. If you need a comfortable option for two hunters which also place a significant importance on noise cancellation, the Muddy Tree Stands Sky Rise 2 Person represents one of the best options for areas where various sounds can possibly scare your target animals away.


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