Muddy Tree Stands Skybox Review

The Muddy Skybox Ladderstand comes with a 20 feet height. This makes it one of the highest tree stands from Muddy but, as you may expect, there`s more to the tree stand. It comes with the popular adjusting rail which the manufacturer made to be suitable for two positions. The rail adjusts for height and depth and can be used as a safety feature when placed into positions besides the shooting platform.

The comfort of the stand is also worth mentioning as it includes the built-in armrests and the flip-back seat which can thus be used for either sitting or standing.


  • 20 feet height
  • Flip-back footrest
  • Deep foot platform


  • No drink holder


The Muddy Tree Stands Skybox is one of the highest tree stands from the manufacturer. It uses some of the best known technologies to provide a stable platform which offers good visibility but which also comes with a decent comfort level. The comfort of the stand is enhanced by the breathable seat which comes with built-in armrests. Although you can use the armrests as a shooting platform you will also get to use the shooting rail which comes with the adjustable design which Muddy used in the series. This design allows you to adjust the height and the depth of your shooting angle according to your height or hunting needs.

If you’re looking for good leg support you will get to use a minimal foot platform which can be a good solution both while sitting and while standing. This means you`ll get the opportunity to stand when you flip-up the chair. If you need the extra space to shoot a bow, the flip-up chair and shooting rails might provide you the requires space to use the weapon.

The stand should be easy to mount, even for a single person. You will need to use the ratchet strap and the stabilizer straps to secure the stand to the tree. With a weight of 73lbs, the stand is perfect for the average mounting time. Once in place, the tree stand will be able to hold weights of up to 300lbs which is more than enough for most users.

The Muddy Tree Stands Skybox Ladder Stand comes with a sturdy steel construction. It uses simple mounting techniques which simplify the process as much as possible. You will immediately notice the versatile design of the stand which allows you to flip-back the chair and the footrest. This means it will provide the support and space you need to stretch your legs and go from a sitting to a standing position.

The 20 feet platform will offer an improved visibility to most alternatives on the market. But since the stand comes with a higher position it would be advisable to familiarize yourself with all the safety precautions such as the included harness to limit any potential accidents. Even with the adjustable shooting rail, you will need to make sure its locked into position before using it to shoot your target.


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