Muddy Vantage Point Hang On Review

The Muddy Vantage Point Hang On comes with an adjustable platform and a comfortable design. The stand represents one of the few designs which come with a padded seat which will be certainly a big plus for some users. But the set is also made with a waterproof design which is the perfect option for all types of weather conditions. The smart design of the seat continues with the flip-up function which maximizes space on the platform and with the removable adjustability. This way, you can create extra space on the platform and perform your best bow hunting routine.


  • Adjustable padded seat
  • Silent straps
  • Flip-back footrest


  • Climber not included


The highly adjustable stand comes with a reduced weight which makes it perfect for transportation which mimics a backpack. This is why it comes with included backpack straps that allow you to carry it further and further into the wilderness. The good news is that the stand only measures 13lbs and it thus represents the solid option for people with back problems or for those who carry complex hunting equipment and need to limit the overall weight pressure.

With a modern design, the stand folds fully flat, making it easy to move around. But it also does this by minimizing sounds and noise. The system it uses makes it impossible for iron to rest on iron, which is the first source of noise which could potentially scare the animals away.

The platform comes with a fixed footrest which is perfect for relaxing your legs after a long day out hunting. It comes to complete the durable foot platform and can represent a decent choice for bow hunting.

The stand is impressively compact and durable at the same time. It can handle weights of up to 350lbs which make it the top option from the manufacturer in terms of support. Together with a fully padded foam seat, the tree stand can be used by all types of hunters. People of all sizes with complex hunting equipment can feel safe on the stand. With a full boy harness, it makes it one of the top choices if you value support, safety and comfort in a medium-sized design. Although this comes with a solid iron construction, the stand still manages to offer a reduced weight. This is why it comes with the 13lbs weight which immediately recommends it for light travel.

The Muddy Vantage Point Hang On is one of the best choices if you plan to travel often and need a complex solution at hand which doesn`t put too much weight pressure on you. It can also work for multiple hunting positions as you will want to minimize the weight carried to these multiple locations. If you want to delay fatigue and improve comfort with a stable platform, the stand can be one of the recommended options. The only downside is that, as other product in the series, it doesn`t come with a climbing system.


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