Muddy Woodsman Climber Review

The Muddy Woodsman Climber comes with a hybrid mounting system. This ensures a unique locking design which can be a great option for the modern hunter. The system combines the flexibility of cables with the strength of chains to offer a unique mount which makes the climber perform uniquely.

The good news is that the Muddy Woodsman also comes with some other interesting technologies which make it highly desirable to most users. The stand uses the non-slip design on the platform which improves safety in the most important area adding to the overall care the stand has for the hunter.


  • Unique hybrid mounting system
  • Non-slip foot platform
  • Accessory bag
  • Backpack straps


  • No among the lightest options from the manufacturer


The climbing tree stand comes as a unique solution to a problem for many hunters. Many users want to get a better perspective while out hunting but may struggle with some of the stand available on the market. This is because some of the mounting systems use rigid chains while others offer wobbly cables and it can thus be difficult to organize a solid climb. This is where the hybrid mounting system comes in place. It combines the popular mounting techniques and offers a solution which uses both the strength of a chain but also the flexibility of a cable.

In terms of comfort, the stand offers one of the best seats from the series. It uses a comfortable padding and also adds back support which makes it the perfect solution if you plan to hunt for a few hours. If you value good comfort and you need the possibility of sitting for hours, a padded seat is the only option to go with. Since there are many stands which don`t offer back support, it can be a great addition if you plan to combine sitting with standing.

And this is where the foot platform comes into place as it offers good support with its 300lbs capacity but also increased safety. The manufacturer made extra efforts to ensure the foot platform is as safe as possible and this is why it now comes with the non-slip design which will protect you against any possible accidents.

The Muddy Woodsman Climber Treestand comes with a hybrid design which can be an interesting

solution to a market saturated by similar products. If you are a hunter who loves to be connected to the latest design and always place safety and comfort first. The stand can represent a solid solution, even if you never tried a similar climber before. This is due to the fact that the hybrid mount system is easy to use as it provides a good alternative lock which is both flexible and durable. Combining the properties of chains with their strength and the one of cables with their flexibility, the stand is one of the best alternatives for a quick climb. Together with the non-slip platform and the full body harness, you will experience one of the safest climbers from the manufacturer.


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