Nikon Aculon Rangefinder Review

The Nikon Aculon comes with a range of up to 650 yards. It uses some of the most interesting technologies from Nikon and it manages to provide a complete experience in a very compact design. Measuring just 125g, the rangefinder is one of the best devices in terms of portability and can represent a good option if you want to minimize the weight of your equipment.


  • Distant Target Priority Mode
  • Compact design
  • Eye relief
  • Rainproof


  • No slope compensation readings


The compact rangefinder offers one of the most interesting experiences for new or intermediate users who need a versatile design. The device comes with a range capacity of up to 650 yards which makes it a good option for users who want a medium range solution.

In terms of advanced features, you will get the Distant Target Priority Mode. This function can play an important role when you are trying to assess the distances to multiple targets. If you have overlapping subjects you will find these are sometimes hard to distinguish. This is where Nikon`s technology comes into place as it manages to create one of the most interesting readings in terms of accuracy. You will find the device is a good option if you are using it in dense environments with multiple subjects. These readings can be of good accuracy even in backgrounds with trees, where not all rangefinders can offer viable results.


The main characteristic of the rangefinder comes with its size. The compact design of the rangefinder recommends it for new users who want to minimize the weight of the equipment they carry into the wilderness.

The optics used in the device is characteristic to Nikon. They offer the quality you would expect from the international manufacturer with the multi-layered coating. The optics are also easy on the eyes as the rangefinder comes with the long eye relief design. This allows the users with eyeglasses to use the device out in the wild. With the diopter adjustment function, the rangefinder becomes one of the best devices for people with various optic needs.

The design of the rangefinder also comes with the rainproof construction. This will ensure you will be able to use the rangefinder in multiple weather conditions and that you won`t be required to look for shelter at the first sign of rain.

The Nikon Aculon rangefinder is a device with a compact design which is perfect for the new user. It is also a recommended option for people with eye problems who need to maximize their rangefinder efficiency and versatility. With the diopter adjustment function, you will get the possibility of customizing the visibility with the device. And with a range of up to 650 yards, you will be using one of the most interesting rangefinders which are not your usual bulky design. With just over 100g in weight, the rangefinder can be a good option or the ultimate portability and you can even keep it in your pocket.


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