Nikon Forestry Pro Rangefinder Review

The Nikon Forestry Pro rangefinder comes with a range of up to 550 yards. The device comes with interesting advanced technologies which make it a good option for those looking to measure the distance between two heights. In terms of modern displays, you will be able to enjoy both internal and external LCD panels with a complete range of readings. One of Nikon`s most popular technologies, the Target Priority Switch System also comes with the rangefinder. The function is used to measure the distance to overlapping subjects which is a great addition for busy environments.


  • Internal and external LCD displays
  • Measures distance between two heights
  • Fist Target Priority Mode
  • Long eye relief


  • Range might be limited for some users


The rangefinder comes with the capabilities to measure distances of up to 550 yards. This places it in the mid-range segment of the market which is perfect for those who want to have a good overall device which uses some of the most advanced technologies from Nikon.

One of these technologies comes with the ability to separate height, angle and vertical subjects. Thus, you will have the pleasant surprise of being able to measure the distance between two heights, which might be useful in some in-field situations. Another advanced technology comes with the Distant Target Priority Mode which is a good technology to have when you are trying to read the distance to multiple targets. This technology has already shown its worth in dense backgrounds such as in the woods.


The compact design of the rangefinder recommends it as one of the top choices for users who want a modern and unique design. The internal LCD shows a limited number of readings while the external built-in LCD display is perfect for complete readings.

The good news is that Nikon places more and more care on its optics and especially on manufacturing products which are made for all types of eye conditions. This is why some users can greatly benefit from using the rangefinder which comes with the diopter adjustment function. Together with the long eye relief which allows you to use the device with your glasses, the rangefinder manages to provide an interesting experience which is a good addition to the basic compact equipment kit of any dedicated user.

The Nikon Forestry Pro is made with a durable construction which can withstand extreme temperatures which range from -10 degrees C and up to 50 degrees C. This is where you will find the waterproof construction is also a great addition which represents a rangefinder that is perfect for all seasons and all weather conditions. With some of the most advanced technologies from Nikon which include the ability to measure the distance between two heights and to show the distance to overlapping subjects, the device manages to offer a top user experience with a durable construction.  If you have eye problems and need to wear glasses, the rangefinder also represents a top choice.


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