Nikon Monarch 7i VR Review

The Nikon Monarch 7i VR is one of the long-distance rangefinders which can cover up to 1000 yards. This makes it a device among the long-distance options on the market and together with Nikon`s Vibration Reduction technology, it can provide stable and clear results, even at greater lengths. The good news is that the rangefinder is capable of offering complex results which are best in all types of terrains not just with perfectly flat surfaces. This is where the ID technology plays an important role as it can actually compensate for slopes and offer clear results which are easy to read even with uneven terrains.


  • 1000 yards range
  • Vibration Reduction technology for optimum results
  • ID technology for slope compensation readings
  • Target Priority mode for overlapping subjects
  • 5 seconds to measure


  • No metal housing


The rangefinder represents one of the recommended options from Nikon. The international manufacturer is known for its quality optics and this is why the device can represent a great choice if you want to use it for long-distance efforts. While out in the wild, you can enjoy the readings of up to 1000 yards which make it a true staple in the industry and a perfect option for the dedicated hunter who needs to be able to spot the subject at great distances.

This will not only improve your camouflage, but it will also work to give you a better perspective on what to expect if you want to choose the latest technologies on the market. This is why the advanced features of the rangefinder really recommend it as an up to date device. One of these features comes with the Vibration Reduction technology which is perfect if you plan to use the rangefinder at its maximum range. You can thus eliminate shakiness and enjoy better quality images even at the maximum range of the device.

Another interesting advanced feature comes with the Target Priority mode. This will allow you to enjoy clear readings where other rangefinders might struggle. Thus, you will get the opportunity to use the device to better identify overlapping subject. In some situations, this might mean you will need to use the rangefinder in busy environments with fast moving subjects or still subjects which might be hard to identify and even harder to aim at. This is why the Target Priority mode is a great addition to the rangefinder.


The design of the device recommends it for all types of users. You can enjoy its eye-relief design which will be easier on the eyes than some alternatives on the market. With the large ocular display, the rangefinder is one of the top options for all types of users. With a compact design, you will be able to use the device for hours at a time.

The Nikon Monarch 7i VR is a great rangefinder which is made for optimum results. Its Vibration Reduction technology is the perfect addition for the best results, even at a range of 1000 yards.


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