Nikon’s Monarch HG Binoculars comes with a combination of options and designs which are built for optimum performance. Based on Monarch’s 20 year experience and Nikon optics excellence, the binoculars offer impressive sharpness. It will even maintain a clear view to the lens periphery which means that you can expect better overall results. With a solid construction, it will prove to be a recommended solution as a future-proof design.


  • Nikon deisgn
  • Monarch HG view field
  • Clear view to lens periphery


  • Some chromatic aberration

The binoculars represent an interesting choice compared to other Monarch optics as it comes with the HG wide field of view. Even more, it manages to maintain good sharpness and clear results on the periphery. While it will not be at the same level with the premium options on the market from this perspective, the binoculars will offer a good solution for most users.

One of the design characteristics comes with the diopter locking functionality. It will maintain your diopter until you decide to change it and this is why it can be a simple and efficient solution for users who want to maximize their efforts from the start. Even more, it will prove a recommended design when it comes to good overall functionality.

Its design comes with minimal innovation and reminds of the classic options. But the binocular comes with a good grip which should keep it away from slipping. Even more, it will be easy to maneuver with a single hand.

With a bright image, the binocular can prove to be a recommended solution when it comes to most users. It will be on par with some of the top designs in its category. It will be considered among the interesting options when it comes to brightness.

As it does come with a few drawbacks, it will be important to see if they represent a limitation for you. For example, the peripheral results are not at the same level with some of the alternatives and this could mean that some users will find it difficult to justify. But this is marginally compensated through good brightness and this is why you will have a dilemma. Do you choose a binocular with average peripheral results but top brightness? The answer will largely depend on your needs and it may even be down to preference.

If you are a Nikon fan, there is no reason not to consider the design. It comes with everything you need to get started. It has some chromatic aberration with strong light which is normal to an extent in this category. Another characteristic to consider comes with the average quality on peripheral view. But generally, it will come with the support you need when it comes to the need of an average consumer who wants to use a great first binocular. Made with Monarch’s heritage, it will not be the best solution for the brand but it will certainly be a step up for many different users.


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