Nikon Prostaff 3i Rangefinder Review

Nikon`s Prostaff 3i rangefinder comes with a range of up to 650 yards which makes it one of the best options for people who need a solid mid-range device which is capable of delivering advanced technologies in a compact body. The rangefinder comes with Nikon`s top technologies which include the Target Priority and the Hyper Read technology which is perfect if you want stable results at the maximum range. With a fast response and measurements within the 0.5 seconds mark, the rangefinder is one of the top choices for the medium range segment.


  • Compact design
  • 5 seconds speed
  • Hyper Read technology for stable results


  • No rubberized grip


The performance of the rangefinder speaks about its quality. If you are planning to use the device for varied conditions in the wilderness, then it can represent one of the top options on the market. If you plan to find the best spot to make the readings, you will not need to worry about looking for the perfectly flat ground as you can have accurate readings even on uneven surfaces.

An advanced technology which comes with the rangefinder is the Hyper Read system which practically ensures you get a stable measurement even at maximum distance. This is one of the problems which Nikon has always addresses and it is a proof that the manufacturer takes the needs of hunters seriously.

A top technology is also seen in the Target Priority mode which is the perfect system if you need to establish clear readings with overlapping subjects. This is why you will have the opportunity of using a top device even when there are multiple subjects and they are all close together. This can only enhance accuracy and can be a good option for people looking to get the best results with a compact design.


The design of the rangefinder might be its weaker point. Although it comes in a compact package it lacks the rubberized grip some users look for. But the good news is that this is not such a big issue since the lightweight construction is a good method of learning how to maneuver a device in any conditions. And this is one of the best parts about the design as it comes with a rainproof construction which is perfect if you plan to use it in various seasons.

The Nikon Prostaff 3i rangefinder is one of the best rangefinders on the market within the 600 yards range. This is basically due to the advanced technologies and optics from the device which is a staple of Nikon and represents a great advantage in any situation. With a compact design that is made for rainy conditions as well, you can get a rangefinder which is made for intense use for the average hunter. This means that most users will feel satisfied by its performance speed and even optics. With a large field of view, the rangefinder represents a top option for those who want a pleasant overall experience.


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