Primos Proof Cellular Trail Camera Review

Primos Proof Cellular Trail Camera Review

Primos Proof Cellular trail cameras have become a fundamental hunting tool. They have become so appropriate for hunters, outdoor photographers and homeowners who are more security conscious and are taking big advantage of the broad variety of trail cams available today. To select the one that is good for you, it is significant to consider how you will use the trail camera and the characteristics you need.

Get high-quality patrol images from field to telephone with one-button setup and no agreement with the Proof Cellular trail camera with a resolution of 16mp. An easy activation and data plan explains that you can concentrate on your subsequent hunt and not bother about the camera setup.

Just bring it out, set it up by turning it on and discover what the camera sees right on your phone. Arrange your camera with a data plan from Verizon and AT&T and get emails or text messages on your smartphones, regardless on the provider.

Proof Cellular is created from the ground up to be easy, reliable, and bother free. It sends high-quality images to your phone with no contracts. It is easy to operate and when handling it, you do not need to focus on the camera set up rather on the pictures.  

Features of the Primos Proof Cellular Game Camera

The camera captures 16MP visible images and offers at least 3 seconds trigger speeds so you will not miss anything. It accounts 720p HD video and the flash power is at 100ft. Other attributes include 10 second image recovery and the flash technology is a BlackoutLED, it is also powered by 12AA batteries which are enough to last for up to six months.  

Benefits of the Primos Proof Cellular Trail Camera

  • 4G LTE Modern
  • One-Button Set Up
  • Free Unlimited thumbnails images for thirty days
  • Begin and end your Proof Cellular plan any time
  • Pre-activated SIM card
  • The price is at $4

You can use this camera for different purposes, apart from scouting, home security and other benefits you get, there are other uses and it includes;

  • Viewing your Footage

Once it has captured its material, you have a few distinct choices when it comes to viewing the images and videos. Like the Integrated Viewing Screen, you can riffle through the footage, more familiar to a digital camera. It is particularly convenient if you are checking it on the field.

  • Storage

Several trail camera use SD cards to store images and videos, which are available with distinctive storage capacities. But make enquiries before putting an SD card in a trail camera. For example a camera that’s compatible with 32GB will not recognize one with a bigger capacity of 64GB.

  • Power

Proof Cellular trail camera is a long lasting and reliable camera which is a key part of securing tons of high quality images and videos.


  • Long lasting battery power capacity
  • Sharp quality images
  • It comes with a pre-activated sim-card
  • It is relatively cheap


  • The 3 second trigger speed can be improved
  • More viewing footage should be made
  • It comes with a plan

Conclusion for the Primos Proof Cellular Trail Camera

The Primos Proof Cellular trail camera is a high quality camera which has many attributes and benefits you can get and considering the price, it is a little bit cheaper than other top cameras.    


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