Rivers Edge Big Foot XL Classic Review

The Rivers Edge Big Foot XL Classic comes with a spacious foot platform but with a minimalistic design. This is why the stand might be recommended for those who want a hassle free options which allow them to properly focus on hunting instead of focusing on the equipment. The stand comes with a removable seat which allows for even more space on the XL platform. If you need a solid platform which comes with a comfortable padded seat, the Big Foot XL Classic can be a recommended option.


  • XL foot platform
  • Padded seat
  • Removable seat design


  • Not the largest seat


The Rivers Edge Big Foot XL Classic recommends it for those who value the space it offers with its XL platform. Although this is not the biggest platform from the manufacturer it is still among the largest options you can choose from which means there are increasing reasons to consider the stand if you value the added freedom it can bring to bow hunting.

The seat is not the largest one in the series but it does come with a padded design. This means it can be a good solution if you need to sit from time to time but it may not be the best option if you plan to sit for the whole day. There are no armrests with the seat as well so this is why the stand is recommended for a combination of sitting and standing. Even more, you can remove the seat completely to maximize the space on the platform.

Rivers Edge fans will immediately notice the improved noise reduction system which works for maintaining camouflage and improves the smoothness of the setup. The system is based on a simple principle which avoids metal to metal contact which is responsible with the loudest noises.

The stand comes with a weight of 20lbs. While it doesn`t represent the lightest option it can be one of the best choices for such a large foot platform. This is where you will need to decide if you want to go below the 20lbs mark and lose platform space or stay at this weight to enjoy the larger standing area. The durability of the tree stand is one of the most impressive as it allows weights of up to 300lbs which is among the best from the series and can represent a good option even for heavier users.

The Rivers Edge Big Foot XL Classic can be one of the best options if you are looking specifically for more foot platform space. While it doesn`t come with the largest platform from the manufacturer it still has more space than the average options on the market. This makes it a comfortable choice for bow hunting and with the manageable weight it can represent a good option if you are looking to cover larger areas walking deeper and deeper into the wilderness with the stand. With a minimalistic but comfortable seat, you will be able to enjoy the hunting experience even more.


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