Rivers Edge Big Foot XXXL Review

The Rivers Edge Big Foot XXXL lounger tree stand comes with a roomy foot platform which recommends it for maximum space while standing. This allows you to shot from a standing position comfortably. The incredible platform measures 37.5″ x 30″ and offers one of the best solutions from the manufacturer or even on the market in terms of satisfying the need for space. The design of the stand is also quite unique as it doesn’t require a second strap and this makes it easier to mount with less time spent in preparation and more time spent hunting.


  • Noiseless attachment
  • No need for second strap
  • Oversized foot platform


  • The seat quality doesn’t match the platform


The stand represents one of the best options if you are looking for a large foot platform. Since the options are very limited on the market with this size, the stand can be a solid option for those who need the extra practicality and the ability to hunt and stand. The open space design recommends the stand for bow hunting but you should make sure you get the most of the design while staying safe.

This is why you will need to learn how to use the included full body safety harness which is truly made for an open stand design like this. Even with a large foot platform you always need to use the harness as some users might feel it`s unnecessary. This is where reading the instructions carefully can play an important role with the stand. You want to make sure you are fully aware of all of the workings of the harness and of the stand before using them for the first time.

The weight of the stand is, of course, increased since the manufacturer included such a large foot platform. With 25lbs weight, the stand is not the heaviest on the market but can still be above the average from the manufacturer. At the same time, the weight is not too much as to impede the mobility of the stand. In terms of durability, it can actually support weights of up to 300lbs.

The Rivers Edge Big Foot XXXL Lounger treestand is one of the stands which heavily focus on the size of the foot platform. It is the perfect choice for bow hunters who need the versatility and option of hunting from a standing position. Without being overly complicated, the stand also comes with a minimalistic folding seat which can maximize the space on the platform.

The advanced features of the stand recommend it for the noise canceling options and the simple attachment system. The stand is also perfect for carrying as a backpack but in this case you will need to purchase the straps separately. If this is not an issue with you and if you don`t put too much price on the minimalistic seat, the tree stand can represent a good alternative for people looking for maximum space, good visibility and an inclination towards bow hunting.


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