Rivers Edge Bowman Review

The Rivers Edge 2 Man Bowman Ladder Stand is a true versatile tree stand. It can work for arch men but also for hunters with regular firearms. With an adjustable platform, you can set the height from the minimum point of 6 feet to a maximum point of 17 feet. You’ll thus have plenty of adjustability and versatility according to your favorite tree and the targeted animal. With a modern design, the platform is perfect for two hunters which can choose any type of weapon since the open design allows them to freely move and aim the target.


  • Versatile design
  • Adjustable height
  • Roomy feet platform
  • Modern design


  • Not the most comfortable seats


When you look for a versatile platform for all types of weapons which can be used by two hunters you are really left to choose between just a few products. Some are too high and you risk being taken away by winds while others don’t offer too much space for the hunters.

But this is not the case with the Bowman. The tree stand is perfect for two hunters with plenty of room to move around and amazing versatility. The modern design of the platform follows the contour of the tree in a V shape which means the hunters will be harder to spot by animals.

At this height, it is rare to find such a versatile design. First of all, the chairs can be flipped up which means you’ll have the opportunity to stand or even hunt from a different perspective. This will also drastically improve the space you have on the platform. Some of the best features of the stand also come with the open space design.

As there is no shooting rail, you can even take your favorite bow and start hunting immediately. But if you prefer to use the firearm you can do so as well. The good thing is that the platform can hold the weight with no issue. Thus, if you, your partner and your equipment weigh up to 500lbs, you’ll be fine using the stand even for the long days outdoors.

The stand comes with a weight of 94lbs which is not the lightest alternative on the market, but if you carefully work with your partner you’ll be able to secure it in a short period of time. At a height of 17 feet, you will get one of the best experiences in terms of visibility, comfort and shooting ability. All of this based in a modern design which delivers one of the straightforward experiences for pairs of hunters. If you’re unsure about the design, you should consider comparing it against the alternatives and you`ll soon realize the uniqueness can’t be reached by any other design. Since camouflage is essential and there is little innovation without full blinds, this design seems to be one of the best new alternatives from today’s manufacturers. But you can also choose the stand for a single hunter situation where you need the extra space to stretch your legs.


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